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Nigerian who kidnapped Canadian in Ghana begs Nigerians, Ghanaians, victims


A Nigerian Sampson Agarlor, one of the alleged kidnappers of the two Canadian students in Kumasi, Ghana has shown remorse for his action, by apologising to everyone he has hurt.

Agarlor made the unexpected apology in the court room today, Ghana News Agency reported. He apologised to the Canadian ladies and their families, the Republic of Ghana and Nigeria for his actions.

“I take this opportunity to apologise to the affected Canadian ladies and their families, Ghana and Nigeria and other persons affected by our actions,” Agarlor who is alleged to be the leader of the gang  said before an Accra High Court hearing the case.

He also asked for a favour from the court: to order their detention in prison custody, instead of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) cells, where he alleged he and gang members  had been tortured.

All the suspects and the Ghanaian policemen that arrested them

Canadians Lauren Tilley, left, and Bailey Chitty victims of the kidnapping gang are students of University of New Brunswick

Agarlor, also known as Romeo explained that “the BNI and the CID exerted torture on me while forcing me to accept a statement against myself. Am not saying am innocent, I played some roles that is the fact, but definitely not all the roles am accused of”.

He claimed that the BNI officials had totally cut them off from interacting with their families, and said if they were remanded in prison custody, they could get people to talk to and receive visitors.

Agarlor and seven other suspects are being tried for the alleged kidnapping of two Canadians ladies,  Miss Lauren Patricia Catherine Tilley and Miss Bailey Jordan Chilly, in Kumasi, on June 4

Two other Nigerians,  Elvis Ojiyorwe and Jeff Omarsar are members of the gang, arrested along with  Agarlor.

The Ghanaian accomplices also arraigned for the kidnapping are  Yusif Yakubu, Abdul Nasir, Seidu Abubakar, alias Mba, Safianu Abubakar, and Abdul Rahman Suleimana.

One of the suspects, Saidu Yakubu, a.k.a Mba, right




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