COZA scandal: I never said I met my wife a virgin – Timi Dakolo

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Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo has spoken out about some of the allegations made against him and his wife, Busola Dakolo –

In a press conference, he stated that he never mentioned in any interview that his wife was a virgin neither did they wed in COZA – Going further, he urged people to be wary of unconfirmed statements about his family

Following the controversy surrounding singer Timi Dakolo’s wife, Busola and COZA pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo after she accused the popular pastor of raping her when she was 17, her husband Timi has spoken out. Speaking at a press conference in Lagos on Sunday, July 21, he addressed certain allegations about his family.

Amongst them were the allegations that he claimed he married his wife a virgin and that they wedded in COZA after which they were given N5m and sponsored on their honeymoon trip to Chicago. The singer denied all of these allegations. He stated that even if his wife was a virgin, it wouldn’t be something he would discuss in an interview. Going further, he asked for the name of the media house he did that interview with, of which no one could provide.

He also spoke about claims that he wedded in COZA. According to the singer, this was also false as he has never set foot in the church. Dakolo went on to state that he never collected money from Biodun Fatoyinbo neither was he ever sponsored on a honeymoon trip to Chicago by the pastor.

“What kind of a relationship will I have with a pastor that he would buy me a car, give me N5m and sponsor my honeymoon to Chicago? Am I your brother? I have never been to COZA in my life. I have never sat in a room with Fatoyinbo in my life,” he said.


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