Chimaobi(COP) Vs Ajayi: The Real Story by Ugochukwu Amaraizu



The purported Press Statement issued by the Nigerian Army wherein they vehemently denied the killing of Mr Chimaobi Nwaorgu by one of their officers, was not only laughable but quite ridiculous vis-a-viz existing facts on ground linking one Corporal Ajayi to the offense of murder in a broad day light.

What and what were they thinking before issuing such Press Statement of defense? Did they forget that Corporal Ajayi is not new in Ohanze and is well known by majority of the people around that area? Did they feel that his identity is hidden or that he cant be recognized when they bring him out for identification parade? How did they just forget that most of the commercial motorcylists operating along Aba-Ikot Ekpene Road know Ajayi very well? Well! Ehi ogu abughi ehi ikpe…

When Apostle Peter matcheted Marcus prior to the arrest and detention of Jesus- The Christ, He rebuked him thus: those who kill by the sword will also go by the sword. This is the word of God.

Compelling motorists to pay money to security agents is a matter within everyone’s knowledge in the Nigerian society. Whereas the Police boldly collect theirs on our roads, the Army uses civilians to collect their own daily tolls. It is a common practice here and the soldiers stationed at Ohanze are not Angels from heaven with immunity to bribery and corruption.

The event of 27th day of July, 2019 is vital and must be narrated to clear all kinds of doubt. Undoubtedly, that was a day of environmental sanitation in Abia. Corporal Ajayi and his colleagues, will always on the day of sanitation, intensify efforts to task passers-by and shop owners around their Army Check Point at Afor Dimkpa in Ohanze. He angrily collects #100 and forces some to proceed to their barracks to clean their barracks for them. On this very day, Chimaobi refused to pay the usual #100 and passed Ajayi. The latter got angry. Witnesses are available to testify of his attitude on daily basis, especially on the day of clean up.

Ajayi did not hide his anger against Chimaobi on the 27th July, 2019. He confided in MR “A” that he must trap Chimaobi and deal with him. Mr A only saw it as a threat of torture or collection of more money from Chimaobi. Mr A’s shop is adjacent to the Check Point.

Yesterday being 7th August, 2019, Chimaobi was returning to his village. On reaching at the check point, Ajayi stopped him. Mr B and Mr C saw him sitting on his motorcyle. He told them that there wasnt any problem. Ajayi saw it as an opportunity to purnish him by collecting more money. The young man kickstarted his motorcyle and zoomed off. As he was going, Mr B who earlier saw him at the Check point, passed him again at Ohanze Secondary School. He gave Mr B a sign that he was returning home. Shortly after, the same Mr B saw Mr Ajayi being carried by another Okada rider. They were going after Chimaobi and did trace him to his village- Umuokereke Ngwa. Chimaobi never knew they were coming after him. Meanwhile, Mr D was on top of a palm tree when Ajayi fired at Chimaobi from behind and he died at the spot.

Mr A saw when Ajayi returned to the check point with the Okada that carried him. Ajayi picked another motorcyle himself and rushed back to the barracks at Ohanze. He quickly went and shaved his hair that yesterday after killing Chimaobi. When one Capt Iliyi arrived and interviewed Mr E and other angry youths, they pointed at Ajayi as the killer because they know him. Capt Iliyi requested for Ajayi’s gun, checked it properly and shaked his head in the presence of Mr E and others. He noticed that one bullet had been released.

How can Ajayi turn to an unknown cultist in Army camourfladge? What was that cultist coming to do in Umuokereke Ngwa that morning? Chai!

Please, permit me to express my immense gratitude to the Executive Governor of Abia State- His Excellency, Elder Okezie Victor Ikpeazu for the role he has played in making sure that the cultist turned Military officer in the person of Corporal Ajayi was arrested and detained with his two colleagues today. I wont forget the fact that the Governor had earlier on condemned the act through the Commissioner For Information- Chief John Okiyi Kalu. As if that was not enough, the Governor equally had to visit the mother and widow of the deceased in Umuokereke Ngwa and displayed his magnanimity. He pleaded with the villagers and youths to calm down while he made a firm promise that his government will ensure that the suspects must face the full wrath of the law.

My people my people….Amaraizu has spoken!


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