Nigerian Army Set To Launch Indigenous Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

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The Nigerian Army is set to launch its first indigenous Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle designed and built by Command Engineering Depot in collaboration with the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria. It is named ‘EZUGWU MRAP’

The 4×4 Armoured Vehicle is designed to carry out transportation in smooth and rough terrain. It has capability to assault with high volume of fire.

The primary armament includes a 12.7 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun and a 7.62 mm Light Machine Gun. It is good for counter-terrorism, maintenance of stability and also a perfect vehicle for urban warfare.

The vehicle is characterized by good protection performance, strong cross-country capability, high reliability, easy maintenance, and can operate in severe cold as well as sweltering desert areas.

It carries a crew of 12: commander, driver, two gunners and eight soldiers.

You are kindly requested to disseminate above information to the general public for awareness. Thank you for your usual cooperation.

for Coordinator
Nigerian Army Operations Media

25 October 2019

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