PDP mocks Gov. Fayemi over resolution by lawmakers to name uncompleted project after him

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On Tuesday the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State has described the resolution by the State House of Assembly to name uncompleted Ekiti State Civic Centre after the State Governor, Kayode Fayemi as a “clear display of emptiness, idleness and lack of nothing to show for the close to six years of Fayemi’s governance in Ekiti.”

In a statement signed by the Secretary of the State Caretaker Committee, Prince Diran Odeyemi, said it was funny that after governing Ekiti State for close to six years, there was nothing tangible to attach the name of Governor Fayemi to, except an uncompleted building.

As part of the activities in marking the first year in office of the sixth Ekiti Assembly, the assembly had passed a motion mandating the executive to rename Ekiti State Civic Centre under construction as John Kayode Fayemi Cultural Centre.

Reacting, the PDP said, “only a do-nothing governor like Fayemi will seek to use his puppet Assembly members to achieve his personal ambition of immortalising himself.”

Odeyemi said rather than asking Fayemi to name the uncompleted Civic Centre after himself, the “Assembly members should be asking the governor to account for the over N3 billion already spent on the project, which started in 2012. Or how many years did it take to build the Ikeja Shopping Mall in Lagos that building a mere Civic Centre in Ekiti will take eight years?”

The party said; “In Ekiti today projects done by the PDP government, mostly, the flyover bridges and many others are visible structures put in place by the PDP government.

While describing the over nine years Fayemi has spent as Minister and governor of Ekiti State as a waste, Odeyemi said, as Minister in charge of solid minerals in the country, what did he do to the Clay Kaolin that is in commercial quantity in Isan Ekiti, his hometown?

“Clay Kaolin is used majorly for abrasive, plastics, ceramics ware, pharmaceuticals, textiles, fertilizers, white tiles and insulator wares and pencils. Fayemi was in charge of solid minerals for over three years, he did nothing about the solid minerals in his hometown, Isan Ekiti not to talk of those in other towns in Ekiti State.

“It is therefore laughable that after spending close to six years as governor, he does not have anything tangible that he has done, that can be named after him other than a project that started in 2012 and yet to be completed up till now.”

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