My June 12 Birthday And a Date In Our History by Ifeanyi Okali

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June 12 has in the past 27 years become a very remarkable date in the annals of our history as Nigerians. This date prior to this moment has been more popular only within the confines of South Western Nigeria where the late Chief MKO Abiola, the winner of the annulled June 12, 1993, election hails from. The historical value of this date was just last reinforced by the declaration of the day as the national democracy day by the federal government in honour of the late MKO Abiola and the passage into law the date as a national public holiday.

My life has since birth never run short of history. It is the admixture of the sweet, not too sweet and bitter ones. Like the late MKO, I have been at various times robbed, cheated and brazenly shortchanged. From my days as a pupil in Government primary school Afikpo, then Imo state now Ebonyi state, where I was severally denied positions I merited both in character and learning while those who never worked hard as I did take the shine.

My secondary school and university days never witnessed a remarkable difference either as I was fed with the cup of cheating and the spoon of injustice. This again reinforces the question that has lingered in my mind and probably that of others. Can there ever be a world of equity, fairness and justice? Can humans ever coexist in an atmosphere devoid of orchestrated shenanigans to rob others either in business, academic environment or workplace?

God Almighty has in His infinite mercy continued to fight my course. He has never failed to show me open doors. My life has never run short of His providence. Just like the 26 years injustice against late MKO Abiola was reversed by President Muhammadu Buhari, God has reversed all injustices meted to me in my early years in life. He has laid to rest the era of monkey dey work, baboon dey chop in my life. He has given me what is due to me and this I continually praise His holy name for.

To you my dear reader and friend, God shall reverse all injustices you have faced in life. He shall end for good the rein of audacious shortchange you have faced. Bread meant for you shall not go to the wild animals. The water you have laboured for shall not be spilled on the feet of your enemies. God shall heal your heart and replace your hidden tears with open laughter, happiness and unending joy. Your family shall experience justice. Your business shall know progress. Your ailing career shall receive a total turn around and your troubled soul shall find peace.

Our dear country shall regain its lost glory. We shall experience true peace in all areas of our national life. Light shall reign over darkness and good shall conquer evil. The devious plan of the enemy to rob us of our joy shall not materialise. The killings shall permanently abate. The overflowing tears of sorrow from the eyes of those who have lost their beloved ones in various parts of the country shall totally dry. Our land shall no more be stained with the blood of the innocents. Leah Sharibu and all those in the captivity of Boko Haram or any other form of physical or spiritual bondage shall be freed. Our farmlands shall not become spots for mass burial.

This is why we must lend all the support we could muster and help the government in its efforts to crush these seeds of Lucifer and purveyors of bad news, masquerading as terrorists and bandits and return our country on the path of peace, brotherliness, unity and oneness.

The hardship in the land shall turn to prosperity. Families who have lost hope of the source of their next meal shall have in abundance. Our people shall no more go to bed in an empty stomach. Our people shall regale in abundance and sufficiency.

I must not end this piece without thanking those who have since birth flavoured my life in one way or the other. You are the reason for my testimony. God shall not forsake you in time of your needs. The sun of your glory shall never grow dim. God shall send His angels to flavour your lives with sweet savour.

I thank my friends and colleagues who have through various communication channels felicitated with me on this special day of mine. May God bless you real good.

Happy birthday to me….

Ifeanyi Okali

Executive Director ABN

Editor in chief/Publisher, Online Media Practitioners Association Of Nigeria (OMPAN)

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