Vote For Mascot Uzor Kalu For Aba North And South Federal Constituency Election – Blessing Uwaoma Nwokonneya

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The candidate of All Progressive Congress for Isiala Ngwa North and South Federal Constituency in the 2019 general election and the Leader of Nde Uwaoma Foundation, Lady Blessing Uwaoma Nwokonneya * ((Onye Uwaoma) * has called on her supporters, constituents and progressive Abians to support the candidate of All Progressive Congress, Hon.Mascot Uzor Kalu for the upcoming Aba Federal Constituency election billed to take place on Saturday 27th of March 2021.

In a release she personally signed, onye Uwaoma reteriated that the bar of representation has been raised by the late Ossy Prestige and therefore needs capable personality who will fit in , surpass and attract more dividend of democracy to nde Aba.

She maintained that Mascot Uzor kalu remains the best out of the three candidates up for election . She advised Abians to move above clannish sentiments and sectorial politics as in her words “that era is over” competence should be the watch word.

Mascot Uzor kalu is experienced, exposed, and has the academic abilities to negotiate and lobby his colleagues if elected.

She therefore calls on all the members of nde Uwaoma foundation to vote em mass for Mascot Uzor Kalu and promised to be personally present to supervise their participation.

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