VAT: You reject alcohol but impose killer herdsmen on us – Omokri slams north

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Reno Omokri, a socio-political activist and former presidential aide, has reacted to reports that the Kano State Hisbah Board destroyed over 5,760 cartons of beer due to religious practice.

Recall that the Islamic police had also destroyed 1,975,000 bottles of beer worth over N200 million in Kano metropolis on November 8 2020.

The destruction exercise, which triggered outrage from Southerners, was carried out at Kalebawa in Dawakin Tofa Local Government Area of the state by Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

Reacting to the fresh action of the Hisbah, Reno in a statement on his verified Facebook page on Thursday, accused northerners of practising hypocrisy, saying they hate alcoholic drinks but want to impose ‘killer herdsmen’ on other citizens of the country.

The post reads, “Yesterday, Kano’s Hisbah seized and destroyed 5,760 cartons of beer. Yet, Kano gets the lion’s share from VAT on beer. This is hypocrisy! I am solid with Wike on this. Nigeria’s current federalism is built on a foundation of injustice and that unjust foundation must be destroyed and replaced with an equitable one.

“And these are the very same people agitating against the Anti-Open Grazing Law that the Southern states want to pass. You reject alcohol, but want to impose killer herdsmen on us? More than 60% of the VAT from Lagos is taken from Lagos and given to states like Kano and others.

“Nigeria’s current federalism is a parasitic relationship. We must all insist on the rights of states to collect VAT as the court and law provide. The monkey can no longer work for the baboon to eat”.

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  1. Northern leaders who have been piloting d affairs of nigeria are just too full of hypocrisy, and they had built nigeria as a hypocritical country, all because of their silly passion for Islam: they said in their constitution that Nigeria is secular not favoring any one religion, yet they enrolled nigeria as member of several exclusive Islamic organizations like OIC, organizations which require affirmation of Islamic faith only before benefits can be given.


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