The Tantrums of Don Ubani, an Insatiable Loquacious Megàlomaniac By Eddie Onuzuruike Onuzuruike

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The timehonored expression that empty barrels make the most noise, like a phoenix sneaked into public use without warning.

This time, it is a self opinionated elite who would at best have been a village head wouldn’t let us be just because Ochendo enhanced his status.

Don Ubani read a piece in the online vanguard where Dr Eme Okoro, former Program Manager of Abià ADP and former Abia SSG exercised his franchise as a bona fide Nigerian citizen. According to Don Ubani, he raised an opinion on the impending governorship in Abià and cited Abia Charter of Equity as a beacon. Don recalled his previous sins, real and imagined and extended a swipe at Senator T A Orji who unarguably is known in Abià and worldwide as the Father of Equity.

Dr Eme Okoro as a senior citizen of Abia has a right to his opinion and as a living person can change his opinion without consulting Ubani. The utmost importance is what we are leaving for posterity.

Ubani’s words for Ochendo are the least expected as they’re hatred personified and without provocation, too. If Ubani had the least decency in his unguarded vituperations, he should all his life be grateful to Ochendo, if nothing else, for rescuing him from hunger and oprobium.

Ochendo pushed him to the highest political post as commissioner for petroleum, and information, and it may be difficult for him to attain that again as he has been noted as the Father of ingratitude. A dog that not only barks at but also bites his master. His words for Ochendo are typical of a drunk’s or demented personality.
Hear him. ‘Some people merely out of pretentious amnesia claim that the immediate past Governor Chief Ahamefule Orji, gave impetus to the concept of Equity in the state by assisting the present Governor Okezie Ikpeazu PhD emerge in 2015.

“Personally, I have never been convinced that Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji’s support was borne purely out of altruism and patriotism. I am sure if Governor Orji was not interested in going to the Senate in 2015, nothing on earth would have made him to support an Ngwa Man to become governor. He did it because he knew that without Ngwa votes in the Central Senatorial District nothing on earth would have made him to go the Senate.’

Are these not the emphasis of a gambler who swears to borrow transportation money from a prostitute? How did he break into Ochendo’s thinking to speak so authoritatively? Voodoo, thummim and urim at work?
It is unfortunate that Ubani who was in Ochendo’s cabinet and knew the efforts and insistence of Senator Orji towards equity can recklessly make such hateful speeches. What I keep wondering are: what are his motives for such monumental mendacity. It may not be more than meeting his daily alcoholic quota that fires his swagger and beloved jaunty bowler hats.

For the benefit of those who want to know the truth, Senator Orji while he was governor made personal sacrifices for equity to be in place in Abià. The groundswell of movements, delegations from home and abroad were at work. Ngwa professionals, paid constant calls to the governor then, movements like Okezie Abia took the print and electronic waves to support Ochendo’s equity quest. The remaining founding fathers like Dr Anagha Ezikpe who died yesterday took it up as a religion. Elder Emma Adaelu is alive and can recall his efforts to herd Ngwa people to Aba stadium in a historic declaration.

Who the hell is Don Ubani to try and diminish such monumental achievements by Ochendo?
Ubani who was busy in 2014, soliciting for deputy governor position in a nondecript party maybe saying that the host of Ngwa Nation that crowned Senator Orji with many names like Opuriche, Omeziri Mba and all in show of gratitude, especially the one in Ngwa High School, are wrong.

Has he peeped into Ochendo’s profile to see the monumental works of God on him?
Ochendo has implanted many firsts in his lifetime and has not failed in any election. On his own without prompting, he has elected to quit the scene for the young ones come 2023.

Ohendo is a statesman!

Eddie Onuzuruike Onuzuruike sent this piece from Abuja

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