Use your private jets to evacuate Nigerians from Ukraine not girlfriends – Ben Bruce tells politicians, billionaires

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On Wednesday the former Bayelsa Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce has asked wealthy Nigerians to use their private jets to evacuate stranded Nigerians in Ukraine.

Bruce urged Nigerian billionaires, alongside those contesting for election in 2023, to search their conscience and use their jets to rescue Nigerians rather than carry their girlfriends to vacations.

“This crisis in Ukraine has lingered with Nigerian citizens unable to find a solution,” the ‘common sense Senator’ wrote on social media, on Wednesday.

“I have a question for our billionaires and those aspiring for elective office. How many of you have fueled your private jets and sent them to neighbouring countries around Ukraine to help evacuate Nigerians’ home? None!

“But how many of you have fueled the same to carry your girlfriends to Harrods and fancy unnecessary races in Monaco? A number of you.

“Search your conscience and be a useful and genuinely charitable Nigerian for once,” he wrote.

Meanwhile,, the Nigerian government has said that stranded citizens will be evacuated as from Wednesday from Poland, Hungary, Romania and even Russia airports.

The foreign minister, Geoffrey Onyeama, however, said that some Nigerians are not willing to return to the country from Ukraine.

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