2023 Presidency: Only Jonathan can consolidate on Buhari’s achievements – Group

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On Tuesday the Southern Network for Good Governance, a political pressure group, has said former President Goodluck Jonathan remains the only beacon of hope for the consolidation of President Muhammadu Buhari’s achievements for Nigeria, as the 2023 general elections approach.

In a statement issued to newsmen in Abuja, Emmanuel Chukwuemeka, the National Coordinator of the Group, said during his tenure, former President Jonathan displayed a rare quality of mobilizing all sections of the country to pursue a common course for development.

He said during the Jonathan presidency, he was able to mobilize Nigerians from all walks of life towards the realisation of the transformation agenda.

“GEJ’s candidature comes in handy in the political expediency of the moment to balance the interests of all sections of the country.

“Jonathan has endeared himself to the northern populace as a peacemaker having fostered a cordial relationship with the political, traditional and religious leaders as well as the youths across the north and the rest of Nigeria in and out of office.

“The introduction of the Almajiri school system in the north was a novel idea by Jonathan to promote religious and conventional education so that the Almajiri children in the north will not be disadvantaged in terms of employment and contribution to the social and economic well-being of the Nation and people.

“The South West has been at the forefront of the pursuit of structural reforms in Nigeria to reflect current realities and again GEJ comes in handy having demonstrated the will by convening the 2014 National Reform Conference. No doubt, GEJ will consolidate on the successes of the restructuring drive of the Buhari administration, especially in the area of judiciary and local government autonomy.

“GEJ’s candidature will assuage the rage of the South-East youths who have been robbed into a misunderstanding of the political equation being their kinsman.

“The South East can attest to the array of political allies that Goodluck Jonathan has established in the political, economic and international spheres of endeavour!

“Contrary to the political perception being promoted to demotivate GEJ’s teeming supporters, the South-South will naturally follow the trend of being the cradle of Jonathan. It is only natural that the region will be most fulfilled to complete their two-term circle in the Presidency. Therefore, it is a given that the South-South will not toy with any political expediency that will lead to the realisation of this desire.

“As the initiator of the YouWin programme, Jonathan will surely consolidate on the gains of the N-Power program for Youth Empowerment,” the statement said.

Mr Chukwuemeka assuaged any fear being harboured by the return of Jonathan, saying “he has proven not to be vengeful or hateful but selfless and favourably disposed to all regardless of political, social or religious creed. GEJ is the national consensus” in the circumstances.

He said, having served as the president of Nigeria, Jonathan has the experience and in-depth knowledge about Nigeria and its people far and beyond other contenders for the office of the president.

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