Fulanis killing northerners to cause hatred for Peter Obi’s 2023 Presidential ambition – IPOB alleges

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On Friday the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has accused Fulanis of killing northerners residing in the Southeast.

IPOB claimed that the killings were aimed against the presidential ambition of Peter Obi.

The spokesman of IPOB, Emma Powerful, alleged that Fulanis are trying to arouse hatred against Obi’s presidential ambition.

Powerful explained that such killing would create the belief that northerners are being killed by Obi’s kinsmen.

In a statement, Powerful alleged that Fulanis are given identification cards to reside within military barracks in the Southeast.

The statement reads partly: “Fulani should stop trying to create enmity between the Hausas and Igbos where non exist. Again the problem and confusion they are perpetrating in the country will hunt them down in the near future. Fulani people are given ID cards by the Nigerian military to reside in the military barracks in the eastern region and use same as a staging ground to commit all manner of heinous crimes. We state categorically that these Fulani terrorists murdered this Hausa woman and her children in Agulu, Anambra State.

“The Fulani were doing this to arouse hatred against Peter Obi who is making high waves to succeed Buhari in 2023. Their aim is to make northern voters hate Peter Obi by believing that northerners are being killed by his brothers. Fulani are wicked and remain wicked and nothing good comes out from them.

“Nigeria military is harbouring Fulani terrorists in their barracks and giving them ID cards for identification. These terrorists were transferred into our territory for the war they have planned to levy against our people.

“IPOB is waiting for Fulani terrorists and their supporters, the Nigerian military. Nigerian military knows it won’t declare war against us because what we are fighting for is purely recognised in the international law and African Union law. So, they have devised another means of fighting the war against us by supporting terrorists and jihadists to fight our people and do their bidding for them.”

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