Governor Ayade locks out Office workers for lateness

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The Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade on Wednesday locked out senior and junior personnel working in the Governor’s Office for lateness.

The governor, who returned to Calabar on Monday after a long absence, came to work earlier and ordered the security to lock the main gate at about 8 am.

Due to the governor’s lateness or absence from office and lack of reprimands, most civil servants, particularly those working in the governor’s office saunter in most times at about 11 am and leave before 3 pm.

A good number of them laze about gossiping and sleeping, while some women go from one office to another selling trinkets and biscuits.

As of noon, the gate was still under lock and key while visitors and personnel milled around the surroundings.

No official had addressed both the personnel, visitors, and government contractors at the time of filing this report

It would be recalled that this is the third time Ayade has locked out government workers since becoming governor over lateness.

The governor has often said he does not have the heart to lay off workers or reprimand them even when they commit serious offences.

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