2023 General election: PDP unprepared for contest – APC

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On Friday the Zamfara State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is wasting its time in the state, saying that it is not recognized in the political setup.

Speaking with newsmen in a telephone conversation, the state APC Publicity Secretary, Mallam Yusuf Idris Gusau, said that the party is focusing on the PDP because it is the only notable opposition in the state.

“Despite that, the party can only bark but cannot bite because it does not have grassroots supporters in the state,” Gusau said.

“I challenge you to trace the Zamfara State politics since 1999 when Nigeria recovered democracy from the military cabals whether PDP has formed any government at the state level in the state.

“PDP is always a confused political party in the state, and the indigenes of the state cannot continue to cope with this kind of politicking as the leadership of the party is always in crisis from the national to local government levels.

“The crisis has however given APC the opportunity of retaining power in the state because the PDP has not put their house in order talk less of challenging the ruling party.”

Gusau added that the PDP was supposed to be in control of the state since 1999, but because of the internal crisis rocking the party, it could not form a government.

According to him, no party in the state or Nigeria can challenge the ruling party if the formidable structures are put in place, saying that the PDP in the state has failed to do that.
He advised the PDP to put its house in order before coming out to challenge the ruling party, saying that most of the party members were leaving because of inconsistency in the party.

“Though they claimed that their governorship candidate, Dr. Dauda Lawal Dare, is a money bag, but they have forgotten that money is not all it takes to become a grassroots politician.

“The APC leaders in the state know what it takes them to be closer to the grassroots, which Dare cannot dare sacrifice because he is a committed business mogul.

“Even the Dare, who is the governorship candidate of the PDP in the state is not doing anything to redeem the image of the party in the State but is always at Kaduna, Abuja or outside the country hoping to rule Zamfara State from there which is not possible.

“The people of the State have gone beyond that level because everybody is now wiser in the State, unlike before when people were following parties and not individual political worths,” he said.

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