PDP’ll win 2023, Labour Party, ‘Obidients’ efforts will be in vain – Obaseki

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Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has ruled out the Labour Party and its presidential candidate, Peter Obi in the 2023 general elections.

Obaseki said Obi’s supporters popularly known as “Obidients” will soon run out of steam, adding that they their efforts will be in vain.

The Edo governor made this assertion at the inauguration of the Edo State Peoples Democratic Party’s Campaign Council in the state on Monday.

He said, “People who say they are Obidients, of course they will be but they will run out of steam. We know how to manage elections, how many people have been able to do what we are doing? They can’t even form their campaign council not to talk about having a timetable for election, you get it.

“So, this election is ours to lose and the grace of God we will not lose it. We now need to quickly set up our own and then see how we can help other PDP states,” he added.

Meanwhile, Obaseki expressed confidence in the PDP presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar whom he said has what it takes to get Nigeria back on the path of good governance.

He said, “This will be an easy election for us if we campaign right because honestly our heads should be examined as citizens of Nigeria if we contemplate voting a government like APC.

“In fact like I said, God forbid APC comes into power, this country will break up, this country will fail but it has already failed because nobody has done the kind of damage the APC has done on this country. I don’t know how we will recover.

“My heart is beating. By the time president Atiku comes into power we will not be able to sleep but to work day and night. As I speak to you today, the debt of this country is going to 60 trillion, when are we going to get out of it? Every day, every month they are printing (money).”


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