2023: I have edge over other presidential candidates – Accord’s Chris Imumolen

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The presidential candidate of Accord Party (AP), Professor Christopher Imumolen believes he has attributes that place him above opponents in the 2023 elections.

Noting that they are men of pedigree in their chosen areas of expertise, Imumolen said he has “the x-factor” when it comes to how much they have impacted society, developmental initiatives and human capacity building.

The flagbearer cited the huge sacrifices he has made in more than a decade, launching and sustaining programmes that have helped to add value to the lives of Nigerians.

“I have been, more or less, like a social entrepreneur in the last 15 years. I have been around, working tirelessly to improve the lives of Nigerians in different areas,” Imumolen said at a forum.

“I have built structures. I have empowered many men, women and youths by awarding scholarships, giving out loans to help farming and business activities, as well as bankrolling the building of community infrastructure in many places in Nigeria.

“Even now that I am occupied with political activities, I have not relented as I keep doing what I have been doing in the last 15 years.

“As I speak, plans are afoot to give more loans, more scholarships to at least one million Nigerians before February 2023.

“And these we have done with private funds, not with money from government or any donor agency. And they are all verifiable. This is one area I have done better than my fellow candidates in the presidential race.

“Everybody that is running this race with me will only tell you what they did when they were in government, with funds from government coffers.

“But hardly can these same set of people tell you what they have done with monies from their pockets since they left office.

“This is where I have the edge over all of them. I have demonstrated value and passion in all that I have done to uplift the social and financial status of many Nigerians.

“I have demonstrated empathy. Through sacrifice and love for people, regardless of tribe or religion, I have brought laughter in place of depression and hopelessness, joy in place of sadness, and empowerment in place of helplessness.

“By giving from the little that I have to positively affect lives, I have also demonstrated the capacity to lead. That is why I believe that given an opportunity to become President, I’d be better placed to reach out and do even more for our people,” Prof. Imumolen added.

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