Let’s Play Decent Politics – Wike

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Rivers State governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has harped on the need for politicians to play decent politics.

He said, in all his political journey, the use of violence has never been part of measures adopted to assail his political goals.

Governor Wike spoke when he inaugurated the Okrika Founder’s Park on Saturday in Koniju Ama in Okrika Local Government Area.

Governor Wike said it is unfortunate that the likes of Senator Lee Maeba, who is still stuck in politics of violence could be accusing him of violence.

He wondered the basis why Senator Lee Maeba would alleged that political thugs were sent by him to invade his house, an incidence police report has invalidated.

“Two days again, I was watching on TV, it’s unfortunate, I saw Lee Maeba, I saw Austin Opara,I saw Abiye Sekibo saying that my humble self sent people to Lee Maeba’s house to attack him, to kill him, I couldn’t believe it.

“But you saw the Commissioner of Police’s report. He said, listen, your house is surrounded by houses, you have two gates to your house, not one gate was damage, not one.

“The cars you said that were damaged are rickety cars no brand-new cars were touched. Have you ever seen such?

Governor Wike said he thought that by now, people should have a limit to how far they can play politics.

He stated that by the allegations made by Senator Lee Maeba, the man was pushing issues too far, but instead of playing politics of violence, he would rather resort using legal means.

“But you see, I laugh. I said God, well, you know the truth. But people are pushing politics too far. I am sleeping , you are waking me up. When I wake, whatever you see you take.

“Please, advise our people not to play the kind of politics they are playing. Let’s play decent politics. Anybody who knows me know too well, my own is, if I want to fight you, I don’t need to send anybody, I will go to court.”

Governor Wike spoke of Chief Adokiye Amiesimaka as an Okrikan who mean well for his people and has invested personal resources to provide the Founder’s Park.

He noted that with such gesture, Chief Amiesimaka has distinguished himself from those who are self seeking, used their political positions to enrich themselves instead of ensuring construction of the ring road in Okrika.

“Some of you don’t even know how to play politics. if Owolo comes now to his community and calls them, my people see where I want us to go, why will you not follow him?

“Because, see what he has used his money to do. Again, see, by doing this, see what it has attracted to your kingdom. This is what we called people who have good heart. Stop listening to people who are liars.”

Governor Wike spoke of the prevailing peace in Okrika, which is attributed to the contribution of King Ateke Tom, Amayanabo of Okochiri Ama in support to his administration.

The Rivers State governor also commended Chief Amiesimaka for being a forthright man who rejected all entreaties made to him to join in implicating him.

Governor Wike noted that some of them have advanced politically and are where they are because people like Chief Amiesimaka stood on the side of truth.

“I feel home being here. I want this relationship to continue. Don’t allow an individual to break the relationship. Don’t allow an individual selfish interest to break the relationship.

“Ordinarily, if things are to be done well, Okrika should have one of the finest jetties in the country. But everybody will give account of himself at the last day.

The governor used the occasion to recognise King Nelson Atubo Oputibeya as the Amanyanabo of Koniju

In his speech, Chief Adokiye Amiesimaka said he sought after a legacy to bequeath to Koniju people and decided to embark on the project that took 15 months to deliver.

According to him, the Founder’s Park consists of the Amakoromabo Owu-Okolo, the entrance, pavilion, sports arena, the Amayanabo sitting area for outdoor meetings, modern toilets and showers, and solar-wired lighting facilities.

Kelvin Ebiri

Special Assistant on Media to the Rivers State governor.

December 17, 2022.

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