Prof Nnenna Otti and her unnecessary and unabated drama byChimaobi Ugwuezi, Ph.D

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First, I want to inform us that I am neither a PDP member nor from Abia State.
However, the election and declaration of Dr. Alex Otti, as the Governor-elect of Abia State, may have come and gone, but the ripples have continued to reverberate nationally and internationally.

And the biggest noise, comic, and drama have been emanating from Prof Nnenna Oti, who was the State Returning Officer for the gubernatorial election.
While one may not go into the technicalities of the collation, transmission, and announcement of results collated at the LGA level, culminating in the formal proclamation of a winner by a Returning Officer.
But it will be necessary to inform Prof Nnenna Oti that she is overhyping her conquest in her assignment as an ordinary State Returning Officer, an ad-hoc job for that matter.

One would have expected her to go home quietly and continue her job as an academic, without unduly celebrating herself as heroin of the guber election.
It should be emphasized that there were 28 other State Returning Officers deployed for the March 18th governorship election, but only Prof Nnenna Oti has continued to praise herself and has been telling stories of her conquest.

This behavior is very suspicious and strongly suggests that she may be trying so hard to conceal some misdemeanor.
Psychologically, her body language tells it all.

Already some gifts are coming from some angles to her for a ‘job well done’.
This is also very suspicious because she is about the only person enjoying this rare privilege out of 28 other State Returning Officers.

This is strange.
How and why?
The other question that should arise from this scenario is, if an ordinary State Returning Officer could attract this largesse for less than one week’s assignment, then what will Prof Mahmoud, the National Chairman of INEC expect to get for delivering Tinubu?
By now one would have heard of some gifts of perhaps new aircraft, Lamborghini, estates in Dubai, and other western countries coming his way for ‘a job well done’.

Prof Nnenna Oti should discontinue her nauseating drama and allow the dust of the election to finally settle down, especially through legal means as APC and PDP have vowed to challenge the result and the role of INEC and Prof Oti’s activities as State Returning Officer.
Prof Nnenna Oti’s behavior is not helpful to Dr. Alex Otti at all, who should now be allowed to begin to work out how to fulfill his numerous promises to the people of Abia State.

Prof Nnenna Oti should stop taking the civility, docility, and gullibility of the Abia electorate for granted.
Enough of the celebration of this suspicious conquest.
Because she may fool some people but definitely not all of us.

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  1. Taa gbafuo,the woman deserve what she is doing, don’t pretend not know what Abia state have been going through since decade,the same pattern of ringing election by using Obingwa to manipulate. this time around,this woman stood for justice after all there inducement and intimidation.there is nothing like suspicion here


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