Update on Alex Otti and freezing of Abia Government accounts.

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Government has uncovered with utmost disgust the obvious link between Chief Alex Otti and his cowardly, infantile and anonymous enablers with the obnoxious act of freezing of Abia State Government Accounts via a subversive Exparte Order procured in Abuja.

Few days ago, we made it clear that the sole reason for this madness was to cripple the operations of Abia State Government using a contrived Judicial coup d’etat.

Uptill now the anonymous , hired litigants have seized all the copies of the affidavit and no copy of the Processes have been served on Abia State Government. So, from where did Ferdinand Ekeoma, Alex Otti, Umeh Kalu and other Labour Party irredentists get the idea that the suit was instituted by a so called Contractor if they are not privy to this monstrous spate of madness?

Ironically, while still denying with one side of their mouth, the Media Assistant to Mr Alex Otti and a front line member of the Labour Party, Kazie Uko started posting on his Facebook Page that this same suit was meant to deny workers and Contractors of their emoluments and due consideration.

We wish to make it clear that Abia workers, contractors and citizens who are being targeted by this subversive elements have seen through the shenanigans and deciet.

Abians are, therefore , urged to remain peaceful and calm as Government is doing the needful to ensure that normalcy is restored.

Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, having dutifully met his obligations to over 29000 workers out of 31000 in the last seven years and more does not have any desire or reason not to do same in the only two months left of his administration.

Happily, despite the primitive draconian tactics of the confused and presumptuous Labour Party mob, Government has commenced the payment of current salaries , so , nothing can be more deceitful than this kind of chicanery.

This sadistic and unfortunate development is yet another Alex Otti propaganda which he has perfected together with his cohorts in their lies workshop.It’s really sad that Abia State is fast drifting into a grievous state of anomie when the desperados are yet to receive the mantle of leadership.

Interestingly, with Abia State as the only State the Labour Party is about to be sworn in by 29 th of May, this
” Boys O yea ” mentality with it’s imprimatur of desperation should not be the signature of Labour Party in Power.

Or, is a forced takeover of Government, lack of respect for constituted authority, lies, deciet and this childish game of hide and seek being orchestrated in Abia going be the modus operandi of Labour Party ‘s first ever State in Government? Definitely, Peter Obi must be worried and embarrassed over this gestapo disposition of Chief Alex Otti and his company!

No responsible Government can be founded and ran on lies and propaganda. Abians and Nigerians may be in for a period of unprecedented lies, passing of buck and deceit with official cloak under Alex Otti.

May God save Abia State.

Barr. Eze Chikamnayo
Honourable Commissioner for Information and Strategy Abia State

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