Lady who created WhatsApp group for husband’s side chics hospitalized

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Joy Ogah from Isiukwuato Local Government Area in Abia State, t who created a WhatsApp group and added her perceived husband’s side chics has been hospitalized, a close family source told PUO reports on Saturday night.

It was gathered Joy who went extra mile to mark her territory in her marriage by adding all the women she perceived to be the side chics of her husband simply identified as Chinedu David(Chi dav) in a WhatsApp group couldn’t near the outcome of her action after the action went viral on the internet.

In a trending voice note, she added all the ladies she suspects to be her husband’s sidechic to a WhatsApp group tagged, “Chinedu’s Sidechics”. In the group, she warned all of them to stay away from her husband else they get a§§aulted by her. She added her wedding picture as proof to show the ladies that she was indeed married to him.

In their reactions, the alleged sidechics l@mbasted her for the sheer audacity she had to commit the act. They went further to explain how her husband wasn’t worth the stress and advised her to get something tangible to do with her life.

“As a speak to you, Joy is currently in hospital,she didn’t know it will get to this extent” the source said.

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