Labour Party did not submit their membership register to INEC in Abia and Kano States.

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The attempt by some people to cunningly mislead the people that the sound Judgement of Justice M N Yunusa has nothing to do with Abia is unfortunate to say the least.

It was established by the Court that the Labour Party National leadership did not submit the membership register for Abia and Kano States.

Those pushing the media narrative that the judge said his judgement doesn’t concern Alex Otti and Abia wants to be clever by half, I have never seen where a judge grants interview after making a judgement.

In paragraphs 4,5,6 and 7 of the Judgement, the judge ruled that as far as the party didn’t submit it’s register of membership in Abia and Kano States, the votes casted for Labour Party are a wasted votes.

While this is the court of first instance in this matter, people should not play the role of the Appeal Court and the Supreme court because no two cases are same in law as we were taught in the elementary introduction to Law and Nigeria Legal System.

Did the Federal High Court rule that Labour Party did not comply with Section 77 subsection 3 of the 2022 electoral act? The answer is Capital YES…

When we get to the Supreme court, there will definitely be consequential orders.


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