Alex Otti Contested No Election, He Should Stop Lamenting. By Don Uban

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Desperation has always been the characteristic tendency of any person suffering from vaulting ambition.

One fundamental flaw inherent in a desperate man or woman is lack of self-discipline. Such a person is naturally lawless. To such a person, the Laws are only meant to be broken or, at best, circumvented.

Nigeria’s Electoral Act 2022, in Section 77 (2) and (3), made it explicitly clear that each Political Party Shall have a Membership Register and the Register Shall be submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Thirty Days before the Party Shall hold its Congresses or Convention, as the case may be.

The instructive word in that Section is ‘Shall’ which makes it mandatory that every Political Party must have a Membership Register and must also submit same to INEC Thirty Days before it Conducts her Primary Election via Congresses or Convention.

Mazi Alexander Otti who purported himself as ‘Governorship Candidate’ of Labour Party, LP, in Abia State, is characteristically desperate. He is not a respecter of the Law. That is why some of the Institutions he had been privileged to manage in the past collapsed no sooner than he had left the place.

Owing to desperation to come and wreck Abia State dry, a motive for which he had quickly established a personal Bank, Signature Bank, he failed to realize a very simple statutory requirement for his Party, Labour Party, to create a Membership Register and send same to INEC Thirty Days before the Party’s Primary Election. In his characteristic arrogance and ego, he also disregarded the Mandatory Stipulation that Party Primary Elections Shall be Observed by relevant Officials of the Electoral Commission.

Of course, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Abia State knew that Mazi Otti, a Man with the mindset of ‘I Too Know’, having failed to comply with the 2022 Electoral Act, had merely self-deceitfully embarked on a wild goose chase. His unbridled pomposity of perfectionist delusion, as usual with such a character, only meant his exercise was lawlessly fruitless, null, void and of no effect, whatsoever.

Mazi Alexander Otti did not, by extant Nigerian Laws, contest any Governorship Election in Abia State this 2023. He is, as usual, a Meddlesome Interloper.

His present resort to lamentations that PDP wants to ‘hijack power’ from him is self-defeatist. PDP in Abia State has no business, whatsoever, with Mazi Alexander Otti, a core Aro Man that jettisoned his place of origin out of desperation for Power and its anticipated Accumulation of Economic Power.

The Gentleman that lawfully contested and won the 2023 Abia Governorship Election is Sir Okechukwu Ahiwe. The expectation all over the State is that he will be Sworn-in as the fifth democratically-elected Governor of Abia State on Monday (Orie) 29th May, 2023.
See you that day at Umuahia Township Stadium.

Sir Don Ubani is a former Commissioner for Information and Strategy in Abia State and writes from Asa.

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