Security Agencies Advised Us To Ban smartphones – Presidential Tribunal

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Judges presiding over the presidential election petition tribunal stated on Tuesday that security agencies’ advisories were the basis for prohibiting using smartphones and other electronic devices during proceedings.

The tribunal chairman, Justice Haruna Tsammani, said the decision was to ensure the safety and security of stakeholders, stating that “with the latest technology, a small chip can set everyone here ablaze.”

Although loosely enforced, the lead judge pleaded with the senior lawyers to persuade their juniors to obey the court’s directives.

Nonetheless, according to Mr Tsammani, the court understands and appreciates the concerns of stakeholders, especially the lawyers.

On Monday, the tribunal ruled that it would not allow a live telecast of the tribunal proceedings because there was no basis, whether, in law or judicial procedure, the court could rely on to grant the application.

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