Ladies shouldn’t demand financial help on first date — Ugochi Onuoha (Guchi)

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I am from Imo State, and I am the second child in my family. I have two brothers and one sister.


For my elementary education, I attended Wisdom Dan Primary School in Abuja. From there, I proceeded to Gwagwa Secondary School, also in Abuja. I later attended the Edo State University. However, I dropped out after two years to pursue my music career. After some time, I gained admission into the University of Lagos, where I am presently studying Political Science.


I started music from the church choir when I was seven years old. But, the first time I went to a studio was I in 2016. I released my first official single in 2019.

The things that happen around me inspire my songs. I like to sing about life experiences.


Initially, my parents were not in support of my music career. The average Nigerian parent is initially skeptical and not so comfortable with their children going out at night, especially when they are young and female. Considering that, my mum was not in support of it initially. She was usually worried. She always told me to stay focused on my education. But now, she is a big fan.

Social media

I consider social media, especially TikTok, to be a very strong tool for the advancement of my career. It has really impacted my music. Basically, social media has given people like me the opportunity to showcase our talents and creativity.

Yemi Alade

Working with Yemi Alade was a really amazing experience, particularly because she is somebody I respect a lot. I love how hard working she is. It was really cool working with her. She is such a nice and amiable person, who is dedicated to her craft.


‘Sensual’, to me, is something that happens—reality. I sing about reality; about the things that are happening around me, or that could potentially happen around me. If my songs are sensual, I am just singing reality. They are only reflections of the things happening in society every day.


I love the colour purple because it represents creativity, royalty and power. I am a very creative and multi-talented person, so it is a colour that suits me.


I made the statement that I welcomed Wizkid into the purple lovers ‘gang’, because I respect whoever wears purple outfits. Also, Wizkid is our ‘daddy’. I was excited about the fact that our ‘daddy’ wore the colour.


I relate with my fans through my music and social media. Social media is a tool artistes should not joke with. It will help to amplify the reach of their music and help them in connecting intimately with fans.


I had a weird experience with a female fan once when I had a show in Sierra Leone. She was trying to touch me and because of how desperate she was, she dragged my hair. She kept dragging my hair, just so she could touch me. It was really an awkward experience.


I think female artistes are finally getting the visibility they need and deserve. In the past, it was hard for female artistes to attain the number one spot. But now, it’s possible.


My song, Speedometer, was inspired by the beat, then a real life story. When I was in secondary school, there was a guy who had a crush on me. Meanwhile, I had a crush on him too. He just wanted so much at once. But, I told him to take it slow. That was what inspired the song.


What I love the most about fame is the love one gets from fans, and the fact that it attracts money.

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However, I don’t like that it robs one of one’s privacy.


There have really been no serious challenges. It has been God all the way. I owe my success in its entirety to God.

However, for many female artistes, it could be tough being in a male dominated industry. One has to put in three times as much efforts for one to get noticed and appreciated. The good thing is that things are changing now, as female artistes are gaining more visibility and recognition. We hope to keep it going, and not relent.


I will love to collaborate with Wizkid, Davido or Tiwa Savage. They are big players in the music industry, and they inspire many of us to keep living our dreams and getting better at our craft. What these trio and other artistes have contributed to the growth and acceptance of afrobeats globally is worthy of commendation. They inspire me immensely.


I don’t exactly agree with the assumption that there is no cooperation among female artistes. I have worked with other female artistes, and I even had a collaboration with Yemi Alade last year (2022). Working with her was seamless.


I plan to release more singles. My fans should expect some hit songs from me back to back. I recently released a song titled Relate, and it has been garnering positive responses. I thank God for my fans, for their unwavering support, and for the grace to be able to make music people can connect and relate with.


I handle trolls by ignoring them or blocking them. I don’t focus on them, or amplify whatever they do. My mental health is mine to protect.


I remember in the early days of my career, there was a day I followed a friend to a show he was booked for. I also wanted to perform at the show, and I pleaded with the organisers, but I was told to leave disgracefully. Guess what? I was booked and I performed at that same spot some years later. That is the power of persistence and holding on to what one believes in. One cannot succeed at anything without staying true to it and being consistent. No one can achieve greatness without that. It is very important to learn how to handle rejections. There will be moments when what one desires will not come to fruition, but one has to keep pressing on.


I relate with my fans the way I should. I smile and appreciate pleasant comments by thanking them. I also set boundaries where I should.

Streaming farms

I won’t advise any artistes to fake their streaming numbers. Falsifying streaming numbers will only make it difficult to assess one’s organic engagement. Aside from that, one won’t be able to know the impact of the various promotions one has done for one’s songs. How does one assess one’s growth if everything is fake? It is advisable to work more on real and progressive growth.


My music is unique because it is relatable. People can easily relate with my songs.


I won’t demand for financial help from a guy on the first date. That would be awkward. I don’t think it’s a good idea for ladies to ask for financial help on the first date. Such things demean one.

I get turned off in the opposite sex if the person does not smell nice.


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