Peace Mass Transit Says Bus Fares Will Not Be Increased Despite Fuel Price

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Chairman of Peace Mass Transport, Dr Sam Onyishi who made this known says transport fares will remain same as all extra costs resulting from the new fuel prices will be absorbed by the company

Travelling customers of leading road transport company, Peace Mass Transit Limited, will not have to pay more for their journeys, despite the recent over 200% increase in the price of fuel nationwide.

General Manager of the company, Ifeanyi Enete, directed depot staff and cooperative members in an internal correspondence, to stick to the company’s old price regime, despite the new petroleum product prices announced by the NNPC last week.

NNPC action had apparently flowed from the announcement of abolition of fuel subsidy by Alhaji Bola Tinubu, on the day of his inauguration as President.

Onyishi, made the decision halt any form of increase in cost of transportation by the PMT fleet, as a gesture of goodwill to, and support for the company’s teeming customers, who are burdened by the increasing cost of living in the country.

He has directed the General Manager, and 12 co-operative societies that operate the PMT fleet to execute his instructions to the latter.

“Our chairman, in his benevolence, has directed us not to increase transport fares, despite the skyrocketed increase in the pump price, as a result of fuel subsidy removal”, GM Enete, told staff and member of the cooperatives.

“He did this as a sacrifice to mitigate the suffering of Nigerians”, he added.

Explaining further, Dr Onyishi listed the reasons behind this selfless decision.

“This time calls for sacrifice; we should all think about what we can do for Nigeria, and not what Nigeria can do for us…

“…It will definitely be tough but we shall endure for the sake of humanity, after all we were paying our workers during covid-19 without any income…

“The same God will do it for us again.”

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