The Real Truth About The School Of Nursing And Pertinent Things The Public Need to Know

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…Reeling out the Indelible Achievements and Contributions of Mrs Dorothy Nwosu Njideka.

Nursing is a privilege that allows you to make a profound impact on lives. From comforting to saving lives, it’s a rewarding journey filled with personal growth and the joy of healing.

Before i continue with this piece, let me first of all commend the leadership and members of Abia State House of Assembly for passing H.A.B 59: The Abia State College of Nursing and Sciences into Law, the speedy passage of the Law was to comply with the strict directive from the National Nursing and Midwifery Council for the closure of Schools of Nursing and Midwifery which have not been upgraded by Law.

The Nursing school in Abia State is groomed by the bodies of great tutors for the purpose of nurturing qualified and certified Nurses in the society.

Abia State is experiencing a positive run of administrative work through the heads of sectors starting from the Director Nursing Service(DNS) to the least of the office holders.


The School of Nursing in Abia today has grown beyond what it used to be before to a new era of change as a result of a positive functions that has been sited from what it used to be before to a robust and a glooming limelight of change for some years now and administrative bodies of this institute deserves huge accolades.

It’s now on record that;

✔️The leaders if this institution discharges their duties effectively, It’s also on record that the high cost of all enrollment materials such as the uniforms, utilty, fees etc that is totalled at the sum of Four Hundred Thousand (#400,000) have all been slashed to a sum of Two Hundred and Fifteen Thousand (#215,000) only, through the help of the Abia Nursing Service Council under the leadership of Mrs Dorothy Nwosu, the former administration in the State played a huge role to achieving this feat.

✔️Accreditation of Quoters from what it used to be, from 30% Quoters to 75% Quoters. All of these were actualized through the brainy inputs of the leaders of the Abia State Nursing Council headed by Mrs Dorothy N. Nwosu through the involvement of the immediate past Governor of Abia State.

✔️Over Application Rate; It’s also on record that the school now records over Three Thousand Students (3, 000) that comes from different parts of the count to seek for admission hence the reason why students are admitted twice in a year.


Structures; The rate of dilapidated structures that are not in use anymore is really not a good thing for the school and thus, the commissioners posited to these sectors ain’t doing anything about it.

The Ministry of health ain’t working in-line with the codes and conducts of the sectors but only interested in what comes out from the Nursing College purse.

Lack of Computers and Internet Access.

The constant impression by Abia politicians always coming up with list for inputs of their preferred persons and refusal to this ungodly pleas brings forth threats to life to the management of the institution.

Note: It’s important the Government and its agent know that the enrolment of Nursing School to college of Nursing Science will end by September, failure to do this and actualizing this will bring-forth withdrawal of Accreditation to this citadel of learning.

It’s our immense plea that the Government should put their heads together and do the needful. It’s expected that the Directors Nursing Service (DNS) should be allowed to do their work and give their best.

Agoha Fidelis
A Public Affairs Analyst writes from Umuopara, Umuahia South LGA of Abia State

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