Otti’s Administration and early signs of failed precedence in Governance by Nwokeukwu Mascot Nnamdi

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A failed precedence in governance can be identified by several signs that indicate that the government is not functioning as it should, These signs can be seen in a variety of areas, including policy, administration, and public perception.

One sign of a failed precedence in governance is the inability to implement effective policies, This can happen when policies are poorly designed, inadequately funded, or not supported by the necessary infrastructure or administrative capacity. When policies fail to achieve their intended outcomes, or worse, create unintended negative consequences, it is a clear sign that the government has failed to establish effective governance.

In the Otti case, use the attempt of Aba waste evacuation as a singular example, remember the caricature they did few weeks to his inauguration at Panyu hotel Aba, their team of transitional committee that was not organic, in the sense that they were not able incorporate the people involved, they only brought people majorly from Lagos to fix a local Aba problem.

Subsequently, Dr Otti was pictured a day after his inauguration on a par loader evacuating waste at Asa road, after which the habitant of Aba pill loaded the same place with dirts after some hrs he left. effects of not solving an issue from its source.(picture evidence attached).

Another sign of a failed precedence in governance is corruption and unethical conduct by government officials. When officials engage in corrupt practices such as embezzlement, bribery, or nepotism, it undermines public trust in government and erodes the legitimacy of the governing institutions. This can lead to a breakdown of the rule of law and a loss of confidence in the government’s ability to serve the public interest.

Take the allegation levelled against Alex Otti’s tax force chief, one Mr Okeigbo and his lopsided appointments which points at nepotism(appointing only his Arochukwu kinsmen) as point of reference on this one, Otti instead of properly investigating the allegation from a sister state, sent aides to defend him. if you’re discerning enough you’ll notice that Abians are beginning to query his intentions on this space. let’s not discuss the house assembly saga, where he publicly flawed due process.

A third sign of a failed precedence in governance is the inability to address or resolve social and economic problems. When the government is unable to address issues such as poverty, inequality, or environmental degradation, it can lead to social unrest, political instability, and a loss of public confidence in the government’s ability to govern effectively.

Dr Chioma who is notorious for castigating his predecessors, he never mince words about this. Is yet to pay salaries that falls under his jurisdiction. Otti who brought in Julius Berger to inspect and ongoing project of porthartcourt road(maybe to curry public attention) as a Governor elect is yet to flag off one single project.

A fourth sign of a failed precedence in governance is the lack of transparency and accountability. When the government is opaque and unaccountable, it can lead to a lack of trust and confidence in the government’s actions and decisions. This can create a culture of impunity where officials are not held accountable for their actions, and citizens are unable to hold their government accountable for its failures.

Recall that Abians has been told how much the Gov Ikpeazus administration left in Abia coffers, Otti and his cohorts as master of deflection, who has blatantly refused to declare their assets yesterday after over five days of this development, published state debts inherited by the OUK government as the only asset they met, making it look look like Abia started in 2015. they also went further to lie that they inherited institutions that lost accreditation, Forgetting that nothing is hidden in the democratic setting of today.

In conclusion, a failed precedence in governance can be identified by several signs, including the inability to implement policies effectively, corruption and unethical conduct by government officials, the inability to address social and economic problems, and the lack of transparency and accountability.

Dear Dr Alex Otti, addressing these issues and establishing effective governance mechanisms(taking proactive actions), governments can restore public trust and confidence in their ability to serve the public interest.

It’s very unfortunate that someone that has been  contesting election for years controversially won and seem not to be prepared, Our prayer is for Abia to succeed and not derail from the part of development, to be continued..

Nwokeukwu Mascot Nnamdi
A Newly Baptized Saint and Concerned Abia Citizen.

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