Appeal Court can never succumb to your shameful ignorance, Col Austin Akobundu is the Senator elect for Abia Central – PDP tells LP

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The people’s Democratic Party(PDP) In Abia State has condemned the recent protest led by the Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly Rt Hon Emmanuel Emeruwa against the Judgement of the Court of Appeal which sacked Senator Darlington Nwokocha from the Senate.

In a press conference by the State Working Committee of the Party, the PDP wondered why the Labour Party should take to the streets in protest because of a sound Judgement of the Appeal Court.

The acting Publicity Secretary of the party Elder Abraham Amah who spoke on behalf of other members of the party said Nigerians can now see that Labour Party in Abia State is a violent organization.

“Despite our warnings, we are surprised that the Labour Party did not heed our advice and went ahead with the ill-advised protest which is not only unconscionable but also nonsensical and laughable given that the Court of Appeal would never bow to such a hilarious arm twisting and reverse itself because a bunch of hoodlums threatened to unleash mayhem in the State after a particular judgement did not go in its favour”

According to him “The actions of the Labour Party are unbecoming of an organisation that is supposed to function as a political party and a responsible corporate citizen because its State Chairman, Ceekay Igara had also thrown caution to the winds when he addressed a press briefing and assumed the role of an Agent Provocateur and Judge Extraordinaire to reject the judgement and lecture Abians, Nigerians and the Press on why the ruling of a validly constituted court should not stand because a member of his party was removed from office.

According to Igara, “we are more shocked by the rascality of the judiciary, especially muscling judgements, divisive judgement”. This is the first time in the history of our democracy that a political party would take the liberty to abuse members of the esteemed Bench simply because its case fell flat on its face due to irreconcilable differences with provisions of extant laws of Nigeria.

“We are here to tell them that the Appeal Court cannot succumb to their street protests”

“The PDP in the case did Akobundu had 19 grounds of Appeal which the Labour Party couldn’t defend and it all borders on non compliance to the Electoral act”

“It is unconscionable that the Labour Party will stay mute when Judgement goes in their Favour and takes to the streets when it goes against them”

“Without prejudice to the facts of the matter, the LP displayed and continues to display a high level of shameful ignorance by whipping up sentiments and reducing the judgment of the Appeal Court to only Section 77 of the Electoral Act. Even at that, it refused to realise or tactfully ignored the fact that a Court of Appeal had also ruled that Section 77 which deals with nomination of candidates is both a pre-election and post-elecion matter”

“In its mindless and unconscionable resort to blackmail and underhand tactics which have become its stock-in-trade and instruments it uses to get victory through the backdoor, the LP conveniently ignored that fact that the PDP had 19 grounds of appeal, most of which it could not defend and which bother on noncompliance with the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the 2022 Electoral Act as Amended”

“In the same vein, it brazenly ignored the fact that the Court of Appeal also took cognizance of the rejected votes in some polling units in the Constituency which was in the petition of the PDP”he said

On his part the Vice Chairman of the Party for Abia Central Hon Obinna Nwachukwu said the PDP is still incharge of Abia.

“We are here today to the the world that we are still in charge”

The Secretary of the Party Barr David Iroh called on the member of the PDP to be resolute as the party awaits Justice in the governorships case of Abia.

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