The Janus called Oby Ezekwesili by Ayodele Moses Orji

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A Persian proverb has it that the camel never sees its own hump.

And so it is with Oby Ezekwesili, the propaganda spin doctor of Labor Party.

Following the loss of the minority leadership position by her party in the Senate, Ezekwesili has continued to pour the most acidic verbal invectives on the person of the Senate President, Godswill Akpabio.

But my worry with charlatans like Oby Ezekwesili is their selective approach in responding to societal ills. Right from the Good luck Jonathan days when Ezekwesili literally brought Buhari to office through her no-holds bar condemnation of everything Jonathan did till today ,Mrs Ezekwesili has never been detached from selfish aggrandizement in her pursuit for a better society. Of course,she quickly fell out in f favor with the Buhari regime when it dawned on her that no one was looking in her direction.

In Abia where we have the only Labour party government, I had expected Ezekwesili, and even Peter Obi to call Governor Otti to order

The degree of absurdity going on in Abia in the name of governance is nauseating, and has demeaned the image of the Labour party all over.

I have taken time to research on the state legislatures in Nigeria today and found out that it is only in Abia’s House of Assembly that you have the position of “Majority Leader” being occupied by a member from a minority party .
And when the PDP which is the Majority in the House complained, their leadership was suspended by the Speaker who is also from the minority party.

And so it is in Otti’s Abia today, that the Labour party which is in the minority is occupying the positions of the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and the ” Majority Leader”. And Oby Ezekwesili is cool with it.

Little wonder Governor Alex Otti could re- award a six- kilometre road project for #30 billion and the House is keeping quiet. Only 4 years back the same road was awarded at less than #10 billion. And we know that the drainages on both sides had been completed.

Today, the Labour Party in Abia, according to Governor Otti himself spends #5.3 billion to run the office of the governor, within 3 months, while the IGR of the state is #3.3 billion within the same time frame.

Add this to the Governor’s Security Vote which stands at #930 million every month, then you will understand my grouse against Oby Ezekwesili, and perhaps H.E.Peter Obi for their defeaning silence, even as Otti runs the most profligate government in Nigeria today.

My purpose here is not to chronicle the shenanigans going on in Abia’s Labour party under Otti.
Abia is the only State in the South East where the government has not intervened in any manner whatsoever to cushion the grim realities of subsidy removal despite agreeing to have received the sum of #2 Billion from the federal government for such a purpose.

Abia is the only State in Nigeria today to have sacked over 12, 000 workers. A fellow governor from the Northern part of our country could not hide his fury for such level of callousness When he queried how Abia Governor sleeps at night.

Our dear governor up till now still runs the show for the 17 local governments single handedly…No elected or appointed officials whatsoever,…yet allocation has been hitting his Treasury for the past six months non-stop.

Oby Ezekwesili should be courageous enough to begin her crusade from in-house sanitization. Convenient posturing will remain a self serving venture as long as she and other self- acclaimed critics continue to play the ostrich with the rot within. I will always acknowledge authentic efforts meant to uplift our standard of public service delivery. And one of it is the courage to look inwards.


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