Press Release: Ekpeye Leaders Express Gratitude To FCT Minister Wike

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In light of recent events, the Ekpeye community extends its heartfelt appreciation to the former Governor of Rivers State, now Honourable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, H.E. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, CON, POS Africa, GSSRS, Life Bencher.

During his tenure spanning eight years from 2015 to 2023, Ekpeye experienced unprecedented development and empowerment initiatives under Governor Wike’s leadership. His commitment to our community manifested in various forms, including infrastructure projects, educational scholarships, and political appointments that uplifted Ekpeye sons and daughters.

Governor Wike’s vision for Ekpeye transcended mere rhetoric; it was underscored by tangible actions that transformed our landscape and empowered our people. Notably, his deliberate efforts ensured the emergence of entrepreneurs within Ekpeye, fostering economic growth and prosperity.

Moreover, Governor Wike’s inclusive governance approach bridged the gap between Ekpeye and the broader Rivers State community. Through regular engagements and strategic interventions, he elevated Ekpeye’s visibility and significance in state affairs, dispelling outdated perceptions and affirming our identity as a distinct ethnic group.

Under his stewardship, Ekpeye experienced unparalleled peace and security, enabling sustainable development initiatives to thrive. The establishment of a campus of the Rivers State University in Ahoada Town stands as a testament to his commitment to education and human capital development in our region.

It is imperative to clarify that Governor Wike’s support for Ekpeye transcends personal accolades; it is deeply rooted in his unwavering dedication to the progress and prosperity of our community. Any attempt to politicize legal matters or undermine his legacy is counterproductive and does not reflect the sentiments of the Ekpeye people.

We affirm our unwavering support for Governor Wike and extend our gratitude for his transformative leadership. Ekpeye remains steadfast in its commitment to peace, unity, and progress, guided by the principles espoused by Governor Wike during his tenure.


Concerned Ekpeye Indigenes of Conscience

Hon. Charles Luke
Hon. (Chief) Jimoh Ewoh
Hon. (Comrade) Elijah Ede
Hon. Napoleon Ukalikpe
Hon. Samuel Amos
Udhulumah Asan Igbegiri
Hon. Bob Ololube
Rt. Hon. Salvation Okoroba
Hon. Egbuleka Udo Sampson
Hon. Nnamdi Abule
Hon. Sunny Collins
Bishop Henry Akpirigwe
Hon. Macson Ekpeye

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