Mondays sit-at-home in Southeast, a sign of laziness – Deputy Speaker, Kalu

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Benjamin Kalu, the deputy speaker of the house of representatives, has said that the Monday sit-at-home trend in the Southeast is a reflection of sloth, which is not like the Igbo people.

Speaking at the memorandum of agreement signing for the community enterprise digital hub at the National Assembly complex, Kalu represented the Peace in South East Initiative (PISE-P) and the Nigerian Communications Satellite (NGGCOMSAT).

The Deputy Speaker launched PISE-P in an effort to bring peace back to the area.

Igbos, according to Kalu, are not slothful individuals who look for extra weekends off.

“Southeast people multiply wealth wherever they enter. We do not multiply and encourage poverty.

“The Southeast people are visionary people who are not lazy that will choose Saturday, Sunday and Monday to sit at home. Saturday and Sunday has always been enough for us for relaxation as a weekend.

“Adding an extra day to it is the sign of laziness coming from people who are lazy and this is not the identity of the Southeast.

“Therefore, PISE-P is here as a wake-up call to remind us what our forefathers and ancestors bequeathed to us which is the spirit of hard work. The spirit of building, not destroying. The spirit of giving birth, not killing.

“Our brothers are not slaughtering our mothers and not sacrificing our fathers. That is not the spirit of the Southeast.”

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