Hardship: Tinubu, Atiku, Peter Obi should be in jail – Deji Adeyanju

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Leading human rights advocate Deji Adeyanju has declared that Peter Obi of the Labour Party and President Bola Tinubu of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, ought to be imprisoned. Atiku Abubakar is the party’s presidential candidate.

According to Adeyanju, the suffering in Nigeria is a result of Tinubu and other presidential contenders failing the people of Nigeria.

The constitutional lawyer bemoaned the depreciation of the naira in comparison to other West African currencies while speaking at a demonstration in Abuja.

According to Adeyanju, “We have warned Nigerians severally but it seems they have a covenant with oppression and suffering. I can’t imagine a situation where people had several credible alternatives during the last election but Nigerians said they wanted to swim and die with corruption.

“Look at the Labour Party, people were jumping all over the place for that they are the saviour, look at the kind of worms we are witnessing, they can’t even account for their campaign funds.

“The Abure looter has just been alleged of stealing N3.5 billion from the campaign funds by the party’s treasurer. We are talking about money generated from just sales of forms, not those in their naira account and those generated during the last election.

“Peter Obi has refused to come clean, you can’t fight corruption with corruption. We warned Nigerians of the Emi Lokans of this world that he just came to have fun and loot. When he said it was his turn, Nigerians didn’t ask him, turn to do what? To loot? A man who said he would continue where Buhari stopped, what were you expecting?

“Nigeria is heading the Zimbabwean way, is it not shocking that the West African CFAs are stronger than the naira? Things are going to get worse

“There is none of them that ran that election whether Atiku, Tinubu or Obi that should not be in jail if we are to run a smooth country.”

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