Nigerian Footballer Faith Obilor Friday Signs with PDRM FC of Malaysia

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In a significant development in the world of football, Nigerian player Faith Obilor Friday has signed a contract with PDRM FC of Malaysia.

This move marks a major milestone in Friday’s career, who has previously played for various club sides.

Friday’s talent and dedication have earned him recognition, and his new contract with PDRM FC is a testament to his hard work. His skills on the pitch have been making waves in the football community, and many are now calling for his inclusion in international competitions.

The Nigeria Football Federation is urged to take notice of Friday’s impressive performance and consider inviting him to represent the country in upcoming international matches. His addition to the team could bring a valuable boost to Nigeria’s chances in the competitions.

We wish Faith Obilor Friday all the best in his new endeavor with PDRM FC and look forward to seeing him shine on the international stage.

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