My Brother Is Innocent, not a member of IPOB, Please release him and my Mother—Nigerian Lady Onyeukwu Amarachi Perpetua appeals to HQ Nigerian Army

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A Nigerian lady Amarachi Onyeukwu has appealed to the Nigerian Army Authorities to release her Brother Onyeukwu Chisom Julius who was arrested by soldiers for allegedly belonging to IPOB, saying her brother is innocent of the accusation.

She also urged the army to release her mother Onyeukwu Juliana Babe who was arrested alongside the brother.

“This is my mum and elder brother, As at around 2:am on Saturday my elder brother heard a noise at my uncle’s compound which is next to our own because my uncle’s handed the house over to him including the tenants that lives there”

“He decided to go and check what was in happening in the compound with the little boy that lives with him, Only for him to get there and some people who said that they are from Nigerian Army got him arrested. Asked him to bring out his gun which they alleged him of having”

“They beat him up and took him back to our house to search everything and found nothing to nail him with”They took my mum with him alongside our tenant living in my father’s house.

“They got him injured according the eye witness report, They are innocent of whatsoever that is happening in Abia State”

“He has been accused of being a member of IPOB, Someone went to his old facebook account that he last posted pictures since 2019 and took his face to do some photo Edith wearing a face cap of IPOB cap and cloth.

“My brother is Innocent you can come to Ngwa Obi Community and ask questions if he has indulged in an IPOB campaign/activity, You can carry out your investigations”

“Someone who brought you guys to my compound with his pictures is an enemy who wants him to go down, But there is a God in heaven who knows and sees everything”

She called on Governor Alex Otti to come to the rescue of her family

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