June 12: APC Desecrating Abiola’s Legacy – PDP

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… Cautions that Nigerians Are Angry over Hardship

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), berates the All Progressives Congress (APC) administrations since 2015 for desecrating the democratic principles, legacies and values which the late Chief MKO Abiola laboured and died for.

The Party charges Nigerians to use the occasion of this year’s Democracy Day to speak against the anti-democratic tendencies of the insensitive APC which is asphyxiating, inflicting hardship, trampling on the Will and rights of the citizens and seeking to foist a totalitarian system on our nation.

It is distressing that our nation is observing the Democracy Day under a system that relishes in brazen violation of the Constitution, election rigging, stifling and manipulation of opposition, muzzling of dissenting voices; undermining the judicial system and other democracy institutions in desperation to turn Nigeria into a one-Party State.

More disquieting is that all the progress and gains made by successive PDP administrations in entrenching democratic practice in Nigeria have been reversed by the APC administrations.

Nigerians can recall with nostalgia the glorious days of the PDP at the return of Democracy in 1999 to 2015, which period witnessed the expansion of democracy practice and dividend; notably the conduct of free and fair elections; adherence to the Rule of Law and Principle of Separation of Powers, economic transformation resulting in Nigeria becoming a preferred foreign investment destination in the world.

Also, the PDP Government through its privatization and commercialization policy liberalized the economy and the consequential improvement in the fortune of Nigeria citizens.

Democracy is all about the supremacy of the Will of the people, the Rule of Law and the pursuit of the security and wellbeing of citizens. These ideals have been completely violated by the APC administrations which leaders have no respect for public opinion but delight in burdening the people through multiple taxes and looting of treasury to finance their luxury appetite while subjecting other Nigerians to a life of fear, uncertainty, despondency and abject poverty.

It is saddening that instead of celebrating freedom and good governance; the very of essence of democracy which Chief MKO Abiola stood for; Nigerians are in anguish over the exploitive, ill-implemented anti-people policies and programmes of the APC which has weaponized poverty in the country.

The increase in fuel price and hike in electricity tariff with no corresponding tangible policy or programme directed towards the welfare of the people further show the anti-people stance of the APC administrations. Today, under the APC, prices of food, medicines and other essential commodities increase uncontrollably and soaring beyond reach.

Is it not provocative that while APC leaders are relishing in opulence, other Nigerians cannot afford their daily meals and other basic necessities of life?

The recent opening of the N21 billion luxury mansion for Vice President Ibrahim Shettima by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in a country of collapsing infrastructure; with over 40% unemployment rate; where millions of citizens are literally starving; and where our schools and hospitals lack the basic operation equipment and tools is only a glimpse into the insensitivity, arrogance, impunity and reckless misdirection of resources that pervade the APC administrations.

Our Party urges President Tinubu to use the occasion of the Democracy Day to have a deep reflection on the state of the nation under his watch, especially given the growing public agitation over hunger and high cost of living in the country.

The PDP again reminds President Tinubu that there is destitution in the land and that the reaction of a hungry people is better imagined. Mr. President should, in keeping with democratic tenets, listen to Nigerians and review policies that are suffocating life in the country.

Nevertheless, the PDP salutes Nigerians for their belief in Democracy and urges them not be discouraged by the failures of the APC administrations since 2015.


Hon. Debo Ologunagba
National Publicity Secretary

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