Focus on sustainable development – Pro-Biafra group to Southeast leaders

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Political leaders in the Southeast have been urged by the Igbo-Biafra Nationalists, or IBN, to prioritize the sustainable development of the area.

This request was made by IBN spokesperson Edoziuno Chukwunonso in a statement to reporters on Friday in Owerri.

The text of the statement says, “We, the Igbo-Biafra Nationalists and the Indigenous People of the Igbo Nation for Self-Determination, issue an urgent call to our political representatives to pledge their unwavering commitment to sustainable development.

“Our collective vision, rooted in the principles of responsible governance and accountability, compels us to advocate for the prosperity and well-being of our people in the South-East region.

“The bedrock of our movement is the steadfast belief in human rights, sustainable development, and responsible governance. These principles are not merely abstract ideals; they are the essential components of a thriving and equitable society.

“As custodians of these values, we bear the heavy yet noble responsibility of ensuring that the dividends of democracy reach every corner of our region.

“Sustainable development is not just a policy agenda but a moral imperative. It calls for a balanced approach that considers the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

“This encompasses economic growth, environmental stewardship, and social inclusion. Our political representatives must prioritise these pillars to create a resilient and vibrant South-East.

“The dividends of democracy — justice, equality, and prosperity — must not remain elusive promises but become tangible realities for our people. To achieve this, we call on our political leaders to adopt transparent and inclusive governance practices.

“This includes engaging with civil society, upholding the rule of law, and implementing policies that promote economic diversification, infrastructure development, and environmental conservation.

“Accountability is paramount. We demand that our leaders be held to the highest standards of integrity and transparency. Corruption and mismanagement undermine the very foundation of democracy and impede progress.

“Therefore, we call for robust mechanisms to monitor and evaluate the performance of our representatives, ensuring they remain true to their mandate.”

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