National anthem, ‘Nigeria we hail thee’ would have tackled banditry’ – Akpabio

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According to Senate President Godwin Akpabio, if the previous national song, “Nigeria, We Hail Thee,” had been kept in place, it would have addressed insecurity and banditry.

The National song Bill 2024, which reinstates the 1978-abolished national song “Nigeria, we hail thee,” was recently enacted by the National Assembly.

On the other hand, Akpabio claimed that the playing of the former national song will guarantee love and harmony among Nigerians.

Akpabio chastised individuals who said that the reintroduced anthem was a remnant of colonialism while he was in Abuja, visiting the Nigeria Institute of Legislative and Democratic Studies.

As said by Akpabio: “The other impactful bill signed by the National Assembly is the reverting to our old national anthem.

“A lot of people are not aware that there was a panel set up and made up of Nigerians to receive input from all over the world in 1959.

“So when people are saying we’re bringing in colonial anthem, they need to look into the history of “Nigeria, we hail thee”.

“If we had kept to that anthem, we probably would not have banditry today in Nigeria because if you take your neighbour as your brother, you will not want to kill him.”

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