Who has what it takes to CHANGE Abia ?

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By:Promise Uzoma Okoro

Following the defeat of the out-going President of Nigeria Dr.Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP at the just concluded March 28th Presidential Election in Nigeria,every right thinking Abian will believe with me that PDP is also DEAD in Abia state.

The theory am using to arrive at this conclusion is the uses and grafitation theory of the Press,inadvertently few gullible Abians will still be believing on the Ibeku Family for a magic to impose a stooge on Abians despite the fact that under his watch Abia state became the Worst state in Nigeria,yet his party had the temerity to allow him and his son access to the Senatorial and Assembly ticket for Abia Central and Umuahia constituencies respectively.

The out-going governor who has been hobnobbing with the Leadership of the APC to accept him in the party knew the end of his tyrannic Rule is here,in my several submissions i have always noted that evil has an expired date ,no matter how many years it last,and Saturday’s election was just an alert to Chief.Ochendo who governed Abia state with Wicked and evil heart.

Now on the frontline to the race of Abia number seat,Okezie Ikpeazu is no longer an option because he came from a contaminated and rejected root which Abians has so far rejected in spirit and in physical,the only option left for Okezie Ikpeazu to do now is to honorably step down from the Race.

Three candidates so far are the change candidates which Abians will elect one among them to be governor. First among them is Dr.Alec Oti who has gathered the maximum support of the Aba electorate which Abians considers as the electoral base of the State,Second on the List is Nyerere Anyim whose chances were tightend following the victory of his party at the just concluded National polls,and the last on the List is Chikwe Udensi who since the begining of January has been constructing some roads in Aba,a city the PDP led government in the abandoned for the past seven years.

Abians the choices are now clear,PDP is gone and forgoten in Abia State Forever,the only mantra in Abia state is now “Change” and not consolidation of the wicked governance of Ochendo and his Ibeku people whom their son kept the Gods own state in a pitiable state.

As April 11th draws nearer,Abians should not be afraid to come out en-mass to Vote the candidate of their Choice because there will be no more intimidation,there will be no more political tout coming to harass people.

The peole of Abia state say…..Change

Promise Uzoma Okoro
Blogger,Provocative Social media Critic and a Politcal Activist

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