What I Want GMB To Do On Resumption Of Office:

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By:Chris Edako

1. Ensure that your policies and administrative master-plan is not inspired from the election results spreadsheet. The tendency to make policies based on which State gave me what number of votes, may be the catalyst to losing 2019. All States should be viewd equally and it should be copied that all Nigerians voted for Buhari and he is the President of Nigerians and not some States.

2. Prosecute ‘Baby’ Godsday Orubebe for disrupting electoral process during collation of votes at the International Conference Centre, Abuja. This is imperative to forestall setting a bad political precedence. What the former Minister of Niger Delta Affairs did is bad and must be condemn without necessarily looking at it from the standpoint of witch-hunting the opposition (PDP).
The process of the election has the Election Petition Tribunal which is saddled with the responsibility of hearing election related complains, adjudicates and make pronouncements. Orubebe, being a party Agent means that he had faith in the process, so for him to act in such manner was purely against the rules of the game.
If this issue is swept under the carpet for whatsoever reasons, it would definitely come up in 2019 and perhaps, might lead to bloodsheds. If this is not treated, the ones to come should also not be treated.
3. For acting outside the specifications of their duties and responsibilities, during the process of this election, the following Officers should be sack:
A). DG, DSS and Spokesperson, Mr Ita Ekpenyong and Miss Marylin Ogar.
B). All Service Chiefs, for attempting to turn the Armed Forces into a military wing of the PDP.
C). Police IG:
Firstly, for failing to advice the President on the limits of the Police which led to invasion of the National Assembly in order to prevent some Parliamentarians from gaining access into the Chambers.
For choosing to obey the unconstitutional First Lady than an elected Governor. A case in hand is the sad situation where a sitting Governor who doubles as the Chief Security Officer of the State issues an order imposing a curfew in his state but the police will flaunt such orders on the superior orders of the First Lady.
D). AIG (Lagos) Joseph Mbu: for allowing himself to be used as a tool to perpetrate systematic violence in the States of Rivers, Abuja and Lagos as well as the concomitant propagation of crass impunity and belligerent felony against the Nigerian State.
4. Arrest FFK and instigate legal actions against him, with AIT as 2nd respondent. For putting up a video laden with lies and despicable things against the person of General Mohammadu Buhari while in all perspectives, negates the rules of election campaign under a level playing field. The contents of that video are enough to brings charges against the person of Femi Fani-Kayode who is the Director of Media, People’s Democratic Party Campaign Organization.
Elsewhere, Femi Fani-Kayode deserves to be arrested and prosecuted for falsely and without claims contesting the authenticity of INEC’s results figures. It was recorded that FFK went on air to say the PDP were leading in 23 States and that members of the public should by that information disregard any other result issued by INEC.
In line of the libellous video misinformation from PDP CO, AIT should also be dragged into the charges for providing its platform for the broadcast of the video.
5. Scrap all Pilgrim Commissions (both Muslim and Christians). Nigeria is a secular state that comprises, Christians, Muslims, African Traditional Worshippers, etc. Attempt to establish and fund religious institutions with public money is in itself, an injustice to those who are not Christians or Muslims.
Hence, all members of the public who wish to embark on a pilgrimage can do so on their own expenses. The state can only provide a platform where intending pilgrims can be screened and documented for record purposes, inter alia.
6. Scrap the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs. To achieve the CHANGE mantra so hyped, the incoming administration has to adopt, execute and operate conspicuously different from past government. In this view, most Ministries, Departments and Agencies have to be collapsed to save funds and curb administrative wastes.
For the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, the NIGER Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has all the capabilities to perform the functions of this Ministry. If the Ministry is to continue, then NDDC has to be scrapped while the functions are fused into the other.
7. Scrap Ministry of Women Affairs. In a much as Women are a critical section of the society and nationhood, their unique challenges can best be addressed under the Agency for Women Development (AWD). This will cut off the over blotted budget usually allocated to the Ministry for no significant imput to the economy. Some other Ministries with similar responsibilities will also have to be merged for efficiency, accountability and probity.
8. I want General Mohammadu Buhari to make it a law that children and wards of public office holders must attend public schools and must be within the country. This is to prevent a situation where children of public office holders school abroad while the public schools in the country are abandoned, hence, leading to incessant strikes and protests.
9. Confiscate Jonathan’s land in Abuja where he arbitrarily acquired for agricultural purposes. Abuja is an administrative territory and not an agricultural area. There are sufficient and fertile lands in Cross River State waiting for investors to explore. Other lands acquired in this manner should also be confiscated irrespective of class, affiliation to a particular religion or ethnicity.
10. Look for a mechanism to ensure that the packages of public office holders is significantly reduced such that politics and public office would no longer be seen as a do or die venture. Success in this area would also give the government sufficient funds to tackle other socio-economic challenges in the country.
As members of the unpaid Think-Tank Agency, we pledge our unflinching support and loyalty to this incoming administration and promise to periodically submit reports and findings towards ensuring effective policies for all Nigerians.
Add yous or indicate which of them should be taken off and why.
Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria

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