Almajiri’s Farewell Massage To Her Excellency Dame Patient Jonathan

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To Her Excellency Dame Patient Jonathan :: Dear Madam, With fair respect, I hope that you havewatched your TV and seen an Almajir #INEC Boss declaring your husband’s seat to another Almajiri.
I hope that you have now seen who the real Almajiri is – and you duely
understand why Almajiri believe in POLYGAMY. On behalf of my fellow Almajiris, I am hereby informing you that you have no fear of jail anymore – cause our father #GMB said no room for that; but in case of court action to flash back, you an use CASSAVA BREAD to feed him there. Finally, I
must salute you Ma for your comedy job inside the #Villa, even #Basket_Mouth must salute you on that. I am really going to miss your
GRAMMAR Madam. When you are out of #Villa, I can freely chant #CHANGE whitout fear of
STONNING. Almajiri’s supreme belief is that THERE IS GOD! Chai…Chai…C hai… Diaris God ooooo Thank you.

Your’s Almajiri,
Abdullahi Muhammad

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