A Letter to President Goodluck Jonathan -PUO


President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
I have lost part of me, my heart is broken and my
eyes hurt. I don’t know why I feel this way,maybe because of the Love I have for you, I love
you not for sentiment sake, but for your gentility
and peaceful nature.

I have learnt to be peaceful in every situation, you
have made to us understand that PEACE
surpasses war, you have taught me to accept
defeat when situation calls for it.. One thing is to
fall another to rise again, you have not fallen, you
still remain the peaceful hero, I respect your
nature, I love your Spirit, I admire your
gentleness.. I will never forget you, my children
will hear of you, that once upon a time we had
the most peaceful man as President. Your good
heart will speak volume for you and your children
in your future endeavors. Power is one thing and
God is everything, Thank you for choosing the
Path of PEACE, Thank you for being yourself
without being pushed around and thank You for
being my President, God will not forsake you.
Your name will never be erased till the end of
time. If I’m to make a wish, I will wish you to
return as my President. But as destiny would
have it, I will accord my respect to the new
President.. Let the smiles on your face never be
erased. Stay well my President. Don’t lose hope

I love you Dr
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.


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