It is important we remind you sir to release all those army boys that are awaiting execution under your administration. Latest development in the fight against Boko Haram has proved that the boys legitimately surrendered to a better equipped terrorists.
Contrary to our believe the governor of Borno state was right when he said that “the terrorists were more equipped, and more motivated than Nigerian soldiers”. We doubted him then because of our blind support for you. Now we know that we were wrong given the swift of time it took 800 Niger soldiers and a few from Cameroon to wipe out the terrorists. It showed that truly you under equipped the army and under paid them yet you wanted them to defeat a giant enemy with a spitball. I have good reason to believe that you knew too much about BH than you told us.

Nigerians especially want to know why you set Ogwuche, the Nyanya bomber free. He was declared innocent, was discharged and acquitted. What happened sir? Was he truly innocent? if so why was he extradited? We also want to know where Kabiru Sokoto, the Christmas Eve bomber that killed hundreds of worshipers. It is no more a secret that you have been feeding him with our national money. Never locked him but contracted the management of Sheraton hotel to feed him on daily basis. We also know that the cost of his feeding alone is 10million naira monthly. Just being curious here sir, are sure you are not part of that bombing? I am beginning to think that you knew what happened that day. It is obvious that you orchestrated those bombings to achieve cheap political goals. Please put those murders to prison before you leave office. I want to challenge all GEJ supporters to give just one good reason why the Nyanya bomber should be freed after he threatened to expose those behind the bombing. I want also to challenge the GEJ supporters to explain how Kabiru Sokoto, we were told has been in jail could make his wife pregnant from jail and bought her a new brand Land cruiser from “prison”?

Tell us sir did you regret disappointing those who trusted in you?


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