Help! Lesbians after me –Chinenye Uyanna

Young, beauti­ful and tal­ented thespi­an, Chinenye Uyanna, gives a peek into her private life, career and lesbianism in Nollywood.

Is there anybody in your fam­ily that prepared you for this?
My parents are not actors. My father is a barrister while my mum is a retired teacher. When I was a little girl, about seven years old, we trav­eled for Christmas and my cousins and I gathered around to ask each other what we would like to be in future. Some said doctors, some said engineers while others said lawyers, but I said I wanted to be an actress and they all laughed it off. I stood my ground and held unto my dreams. At 16, I joined a drama group in my church. That was where it all started. I came into Nollywood officially in 2012, so I will say my church groomed me into the actress that I am today.
What has been your major chal­lenge as an actress?
The only challenge I have hadand I am still having is people misunderstand­ing the character you play in a movie and concluding that it is your lifestyle. It is a very annoying challenge. There was this movie, Ladies Secret, in which I acted a lesbian. All of a sudden I started getting phone calls from ladies toasting me, tell­ing me how they loved my boobs and all. I was shocked! I was only acting. Another challenge I may have in the future is that if I am given a nude role to play, I will decline even if it comes with millions of dollars; remember, I am an African woman.


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