God Forgived Chimaraoke Nnamani -Mbaka


Let me tell you what happened to Chimaroke’s prophecy. People were there when Father proph­esied about Chimaroke. It is not in doubt that he prophesied that Chimaroke will not return. But somehow along the line, this same Father or­ganised a Mass of Forgiveness for Chimaroke Nnamani. People who were there when he gave the prophecy didn’t know about it, but I knew he celebrated such Mass for him. When prophecy has been uttered, it is God that fulfils it.
He even made a public declaration at a time that he has forgiven Chimaroke, he said that severally. Now, let me tell you, if you know God, maybe out of prophetic anger a prophet has said that somebody was going to die, as is in the case of Hezekiah. People who were there when Hezekiah was told he would die but were not there when that same prophet went back and said you are not going to die, will they now say that the prophet is a false prophet? So, those peddling rumour that he gave a false prophecy concerning Chimaroke were those that were not there when he celebrated the Mass of Forgiveness for Chimaroke.

So, why didn’t he celebrate the same Mass for Jonathan?

I wonder. For you to talk about celebration of the Mass of Forgiveness, you should be able to know whether one has offended someone and the steps that the person you are talking about has been taken. For instance, I knew at that time Chi­maroke was able to pitch his tent with the church hierarchy and tried to address his problem from there. And you know that there are a lot of things that have to do with the Catholic Church which I may not go deep into. For instance, if somebody has committed sin and the person goes for con­fession, it is an onus on that priest to forgive. So, assuming one of those means was explored by Chimaroke in the hands of someone who is highly placed by Fr Mbaka, let’s say the Bishop, and God told him to forgive this man, he has no option. So, now in Jonathan’s case, I didn’t see a similar situa­tion because remember there was no problem be­tween Jonathan and Fr Mbaka, right from the time that the wife came up to the time that he delivered that message. I didn’t see any problem between them. Then after that message, there was a prob­lem. I must admit, there was problem in the minis­try and most of these problems were problems of threat messages to Father, which your newspaper published, coming from the presidency, threats of assassination, strange movements, Hilux vans trailing his movement, it was as if the whole world was going to fall. In the midst of all these, I never for once heard when President Jonathan came to Father and asked how can we handle this issue? I never for once saw when he came and asked, now that you have prophesied this, how can we handle this issue?. For me, you can’t celebrate a Mass of Forgiveness for such a person. And he had gone to other churches. Did you understand me? He ne­glected the man’s prophecy and felt it was nothing to write home about. And then again, each time I look at that prophecy, the place that strikes me so much was when he said that those who think they can interpret the destiny of this country are going to make a mistake this time around. That rings a bell. Even myself listening to it wondered how could this be possible but we have already seen it that those who interpreted that our destiny is in Goodluck’s hands have already made mistakes.


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