Jonathan took my Prophecy for Granted -Mbaka


There was also this demonstration by Fr Mbaka using doves and that of Jona­than didn’t fly. You were there when this thing took place. What actually hap­pened?


I was there when it happened, up to a million people were there too and I tell you something, that message was delivered at a time when the minis­try witnessed the highest gathering being the New Year’s eve. It was during Goodluck’s wife visit, he had actually prayed for the woman and after praying for her, he brought the dove, four pigeons, and said that he was releasing the pigeons to go and fight for Jonathan in the four cardinal points of the earth. He was opening the cage where the pigeons were and I saw some of the pigeons, two or thereabout, left the cage. And there was one that refused to leave. He made everything possible for that pigeon to leave, because the thing flew up to the place where the singing ministry members were. For us it was like a drama. People tried to force the pigeon to fly away but whatever they did, the pigeon came back. So, Father as the priest said that people should leave the pigeon alone. Then later on, he was able, because he sees what I don’t see, he said he was able to discern from the spirit that the spirit told him not to force that pigeon to fly because “I have rejected Goodluck.” That was why immediately after that prayer, he felt that there should be a U-turn. Remember that the man we are talking about here is a servant of God. Let me tell you what I know about Fr Mbaka, he is someone who doesn’t look at faces. When it comes to his prophecy and his calling, he doesn’t want to know whose ox is gored. When he has got that conviction that this is, what the spirit has told him to do, I tell you nothing stops him from doing it. And that is why sometimes people think he’s so controversial. You know as someone who has worked closely with him, sometimes I trace it back to all the significant prophets that we all know. These are people you cannot hold and put back in a particular place. Like all this while, the controversy was raging, that he supported Good­luck and is now opposed to him the incidents were already there in the scriptures. Think about some­one like Hezekiah whom a prophet came and told he was going to die. When he went and prayed, telling God that he was sorry for all his sins and all that, that prophet came back and told him that he won’t die again. Think about somebody like Samuel whom after telling Saul that “you are the one that has been chosen to come and rescue Is­rael”, went back and said David is the man after God’s own heart. Think about even Christ himself whom after telling Peter that “you are the rock on whom I will build the church,” later told Peter in the scriptures that he is a Satan and should get behind him. So, prophetic ministry is not a pas­sive ministry. True prophets move with the spirit of God and the spirit of God cannot be controlled by man. And at that time, some people were like “what has pigeons got to do with where people are praying?” Some other persons said it was an ill pigeon that was brought. Let me tell you, in Catholic tradition, the use of pigeon in solemn oc­casion is not something that is not done. Usually, when you have church dedication in the occasions of new churches, bishops normally come there to release pigeons. Even in our social affairs, when you have festivals, people do release pigeons as a sign of peace. Now, if God has chosen to speak to this man through discernment that the pigeon you released is a sign that God has rejected Jonathan and he declared it, what is wrong with that? God can use so many ways to talk to people. Remem­ber you are talking about a prophet here; the way you look at this book here may not be the way he looks at it. And when somebody has said that God has told him, I think Nigerians were too impatient in attacking Father. That message elicited contro­versy and attacks. They were too impatient. He said God told him, they could have waited.

From your illustrations from the Bible, you cited some instances where some dangerous situations were averted by God; things changing from bad to good. If the First Lady had come to Father Mba­ka to seek help, why didn’t Fr Mbaka in­tercede for her husband to win?

Good. Now you should be able to know that the First Lady visited once and this whole thing hap­pened at that point in time when the prayer was going on. Now, when the prayer ended, the First Lady left. And if you look at what Father himself said, he said when the message became clearer, the First Lady came around November 9, and Father’s message came on December 31. Now, within the period the First Lady left and when the message was delivered, he must be commu­nicating with the spirit and the message became clearer. Now, he was trying to get across, but he couldn’t get through. When he called Aso Rock, a particular pastor there picked the calls. Nobody knows what he could have told them, maybe, he could have told them the solution. It became impossible for him to reach them and when it be­came impossible, maybe the spirit must have told him to go ahead and deliver the message.

After the message, when the contro­versy was raging, what was the thinking of the church? Were you wondering if the prophecy would come to pass? Were you thinking of the integrity of Father Mbaka if the message fails?

Now, let me tell you, for some of us, somebody like me, I never for once doubted that message. Many who are far from the ministry may doubt it because a lot of things came. Under normal circumstances, you know such message was a prophetic risk. There are some men of God who would see such vision but looking at the impos­sible situation, you may start to say how can this come to be? But let me tell you the reason why somebody like me and some people who worked closely with Father believed that this message was from God. This is a man who before my very eyes raised the dead, a man who before my very eyes decreed a word about an impossible situation and it came to pass. If you read our papers (Amen Super News) you will see testimonies of people, some of them you look at them you can’t even explain it. Somebody who has been barren for so many years will come and after Father had prayed for her that by this time next year she would be carrying three babies, it will happen. So, if these have been the achievements of this man, by the time he delivered this message, people like us had no reason to doubt him . Let me tell you, at a point, it was as if the fate of Father’s prophetic power to so many hung on the realization of that message. Because I must tell you that once that message was delivered, three groups of people emerged from the ministry: those who believed that the message is not possible, going by the fact that be­ing the president, Jonathan has the power to con­trol all the campaign apparatus in the country and he may use it to his advantage to win the election. And Buhari is someone you can’t talk about go­ing by the fact that he is a Muslim and all that. So, to some people this was impossible. So, people were actually saying that Father was possessed by demons; some others said the spirit told him but not the Holy Spirit. So, a lot of things were com­ing up in various media. And some people fell out from the ministry as a result of the prophecy. There were also those that were just coming with doubting spirit, those that said let us just be com­ing if this thing doesn’t work we will look for our way; then we will know that Fr Mbaka is a fake prophet. Then there is this last group, those who believed that this will come to pass judging by this man’s antecedents.


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