BREAKING NEWS: If a whole sitting President could be treated that way in Kano,then Amaechi and APC are lucky in Rivers state- Wike Boast


In what appeared to be a desperate attempt to gain favour and ensure the wrath of the incoming general Buhari does not peddle into the conduit metaphoric manner elections were rigged in Rivers state,the Governor elect of the state appeared on AIT’s Focus Nigeria this morning to clarify sundry issues raised by Local and international Observers on the electoral fraud reportedly committed by the PDP on the orders of the out-going First Lady Mama Peace.

PUO monitored the programme and when the anchor asked Chief Wike while a whole Party like APC which many have seen their supporters during the electioneering campains should be reported to get 123,000 votes as against 1.2million votes the PDP got,Chief Wike told Gbenga live that if a sitting President could be treated the way he was treated in Kano where he was reported to have gotten 200,000 votes out of 1.9million of the APC,the both Amaechi and his APC were lucky to even get up to 100,00 because according to him,he was even surprised for that figure.

Wike went on when the anchro reminded him that a DPO incharge of Ogbogoro division of the Nigeria Police Force was reported to be thumbprinting ballot papers and when the AIG who was sent there arrested him,a call came from the PRESIDENCY for him to vacate the state,Wike boasted that yes it was him that called the AIG because the stay of Ogunsaki wont be favourble to PDP.



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