Game Over for Ikpeazu,Alex Oti will become Abia State Governor Part 2


By: Chuks Digit

The part 2 of Game over for Ikpeazu as Alex Otti will emerge winner of Abia Guber Election comes because of questions raised by our followers demanding to know if PDP still have safe landing or not. The answer is obvious that PDP has only 10% chances of winning ABI Abia Guber election while APGA has 90%.

For me we do not have to join the league of those that are beating around the bush with their wild imagination or not to join in solving baseless maths of PDP by calculating fake figures being allotted to them by their agents inside INEC.  Simply put that votes from the controversial LGAs will be deleted.

All we have to let them know is that their chances of winning Abia Guber election is hugely low except if they find another PVCs seller and allow to thumb printing in their kitchens as usual which cannot happen again.

 The PVCs used for voting in the 3 questionable LGAs were bought and projected specially for those Local governments to match the card readers. You can remember that we exposed it and where they were being thumb printed.  In fact there were no physical elections in the controversial LGAs.  If INEC rerun the election; it would be absolutely impossible for the figures to skyrocket above 20 thousand.

Certainly PDP cannot use the purchased PVCs again and the card readers have to be changed. Can you see that the real voters will be the one to vote which will give APGA more advantage.

We encourage our followers who are supporting free and fail election in Abia state to ignore PDP odd Maths because it couldn’t work for them when they had fake PVCs and will not work this time that all eyes are on them.

Those saying that the election is 50:50 chances of winning are lying and miscalculating the whole scenario. Abia PDPs are dreamers and the remaining election is totally irrigable for them.  PDP cannot get the PVCs to buy again and it is a total game of over for Ikpeazu. The Line of the previous PVCs seller has been bugged by the law enforcement agents as a measure to monitor his activities with ABIA PDP agents.

We are moving forward, we want real development in Abia We want government that will be taking care of Abians.

And for those of you who are asking who Chuks Digit really is?  Chuks Digits is a truthful movement for change and development. Our vision is to make a common man lives comfortably in Abia, inspire government to see areas to work for the betterment of all.

When the new government takes over, we will present first people’s proposal of urging the governor and the House of Assembly to enact a law that can make it easier for new tenants in Abia state to be paying 1 year rents instead of mandatory 2 years which sometimes left the tenant with empty pocket after paying it.   It is working in other states and we believe it will work in Abia State.

Chuks Digits writes from Ibeku Umuahia


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