It Is Mischievous For APC to EXPECT me to solve Rivers State Problems in Just 100days,Says Wike


RIVERS State Governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, has described the refusal of the All Progressives Congress to acknowledge his achievements within the 100 days of his administration as bad politics.
Wike said it was wrong for the opposition party in the state to play politics with his administration’s achievements, adding that the APC was deliberately turning its eyes away from the problems they (opposition) created as a result of their profligacy.

The governor, who spoke during a state-wide broadcast on Monday, explained that though his administration would welcome negative comments and criticisms, it was wrong for anybody to expect him to solve the problem facing the state in 100 days.
“While we acknowledge the rights of opposition elements to focus only on the negatives, downplaying the progress we have made in the last 100 days in the face of glaring positive evidence smacks of bad politics.
“They are deliberately shutting their eyes to the ocean of problems they created from their misrule, profligacy and prodigality.
“Although we welcome negative ratings and even criticisms because of their inspirational value, we care more about the feedback from ordinary Rivers people, whose well-being remains the most rational basis for the public office we are privileged and honoured to occupy,” Wike added.
He said that the administration was focused on delivering on its campaign promises and ensuring that the people of the state would never return to the dark days of corruption when government institutions were crippled and the people lived in despair because salaries and pensions were unpaid.
Wike noted that his administration was not under the illusion that the successes achieved were enough.
He pointed out that his administration would judiciously apply state resources to enhance comprehensive pro-people development across the state.
The governor, who inspected ongoing road projects like Creek Road, Industry Road, Nkpogu Road, Bridge Road and others, said, “Our achievements within the period show that we have weathered the turbulent waters of vast challenges and rowed Rivers State steadily forward.
“Virtually every reliable indicator points to the fact that the worst times are over for our dear state and the days of sublime growth and development are here again. But we are not under any illusion about the fact that the work is far from being done.
“Every reasonable person knows that for a journey of four years, 100 days is an infinitesimal fraction. So, those who think that our administration should have by now steered the ship of state out of the dark times are simply being parochial and mischievous.”


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