DAKUKU VS WIKE: Todays Live Tribunal Update from Abuja


Cross Examination of Soldiers who provided Security on the Day of election by Dakuku’s Lawyers

“Signal was sent to my unit 101 barracks to report to director legally service. Upon my arrival I was asked to come and give evidence concerning the governorship election in R/s. I was deployed to Onelga as the Jtf commander in Onelga. In omuku alot of cult activities was rife. while I was in omuku one mr okocho’s hse was being shot out.

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The eve of the election when the electoral materials arrive at the council I was asked to provide security which I did by deploying six of my soldiers. That same day we started hearing gun shot so we had to move to that location on reaching their at the Okiri Sq we saw no one but we found empty shell of gun numbering 13. I now sent an intelligence report to my superior. The morning of the 11th their where gun shots at one of the party hq. On the day of election I set out my patrol at about 5:30 in the morning by dividing them into wards to cover the 17 wards due to the volatility of the area. I am unable to tell the court that the materials got to their destinations. Before the materials left innec office I started receiving calls that materials has been hijacked. I sent my patrol men who got their and reported to me that all they could find where just the Coopers and abandoned vehicle. I called the police DPO immediately who informed me that his men r on their way to the scene. The bus driver who conveyed the materials was no where to be found . I stationed myself at the hq. I noticed that in some unit u can’t find anyone when I asked why they said 2 much gun shot. I think he said it is because of the incident before and after. The intimidation was equal to none. Because of what is happening in Onelga my hq sent an armoured tanker. Some of the empty shells recovered where high calibre that prompted me to seek for assistance. If their was a credible election on the said day why was it postponed to the nxt ? Our lawyer sits down……..

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Cross Examination Of Another Soldiers by Dakuku’s Lawyers

“He was supoaned to come and testify by the tribunal. He was deployed to Abua Odual for election duties our lawyer is the one asking the question. Where u deployed alone? NO. I lead a team of twenty soldiers with armoured tankers and hilux on the day we where patrolling, we encountered some gun shots in some of the communities. one community called obima opobo and ogonikum pardon my pronunciation I can not recall the other communities.with Abua but I like to acquaint the tribunal with some facts.

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INEC opposes. Witness – I was there. I can tell u what happened. Abua has two major cult groups. Our lawyer insist he must continue. Innec withdraws their objection. On the 10th of April throughout the night and at the early 11th of April 2015 around 5:25am I deployed my men to the innec office while we carry on with the patrol within the Lga and at about 8am the sharing of materials commenced with a minor disagreement. However some materials and where deployed to various wards I received call from innec staff that materials has been hijacked by hoodlums other persons did call me as well. We received so many calls my team and I tried to rescue but couldn’t as they r more familiar with the environment. I did not go to Odual as it is far we have to go through Byesa. Our resources was mainly in Abua I could not pursue the hoodlums who ran to Odual. We rescued some persons at okana close to their town hall the electorate where the people rescued by my team. The hoodlums with arms we couldn’t arrest. The issue of electioneering started with accreditation and their was no such thing that I sighted not in any unit or ward. On the 12th of April election was a asked to be repeated but no innec no electorate who wants to die. Laughter in court during the process all the commanders gave out their numbers to be distributed amongst the ad hoc staff for emergency purposes.our lawyer is finished with the witness”……



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