Woman who bit off neighbour’s nipple lands in Kirikiri Prison


A woman, Bola Olowolagba, who fought with one of her neighbours and bit off one of her nipples in Akowonjo area of Lagos, has been remanded in Kirikiri Prison.Bola bit more than she could chew on September 2, 2015, when she and her husband attacked one of their co-tenants at Shasha.

While her husband, Abiodun, allegedly availed himself with his most handy weapon – his bare hands – during the attack, his wife, resorted to the use of her teeth, which she sank into the right breast of 38-year-old Taiwo Adelowo.

By the time the fight was over, Taiwo was missing a nipple and screaming in pain as she bled profusely in the backyard of the ‘face-me-I-face-you’ building in which they live.

When our correspondent visited the victim on Wednesday, it was noticed that the Olowolagbas’ room is just three doors away from that of the Adelowos.

Taiwo’s commercial bus driver husband, Kazeem, alleged that on three different occasions in the past, he had got home to learn that his wife had been assaulted by the Olowolagbas.

“These couple fight my wife over little things and I cannot pack out of my apartment because of them. I always report them to the police but we usually settle the disagreement after that. This last attack was the height of it,” Kazeem said.

Saturday PUNCH learnt that on Sunday, August 30, the Olowolagbas held a birthday party on the premises of the house and used the backyard to prepare food for their guests.

By Wednesday, the trash allegedly left in the backyard from the party had not been packed away and Taiwo decided to do something about it.

She spoke with our correspondent as she lay in bed. It was obvious she was still in pain.

Taiwo said, “We all use the same backyard and since I had other things to do there and did not think it was appropriate to leave the backyard so dirty, I decided to clean the place up.

“I swept the area and tried to pack the remaining wood they used to cook in a corner of the backyard when he (Abiodun) came in.

“He challenged me for touching the wood. I told him they could not just leave it all over the place and he first punched my face, then he held my neck against the wall.

“He called out to his wife and as the wife came out of their room, she just charged at me and grabbed my right breast and sank her teeth into it.”

By the time Bola let go, Taiwo’s severed nipple was in her mouth, it was learnt.

Taiwo’s agonising screams reportedly attracted neighbours in a building nearby, who quickly intervened to save her. She spent one week in an intensive care ward at the Igando General Hospital.

The case was reported to the police and the Olowolagba couple were subsequently arrested.

Saturday PUNCH later learnt that Bola has been arraigned and remanded in Kirikiri Prison, Lagos, pending the time she would be able to meet her bail conditions.


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